Back By Popular Demand – Docker Pals Is Coming To Barcelona!

Sep 28 2018

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At DockerCon Copenhagen we launched the Docker Pals program in order to connect attendees and help them make the most out of their trip to DockerCon. Attending a conference by yourself can be intimidating and we don’t want anyone to feel that way at DockerCon! Pals get matched with a few others who are new (the “Pals”), and someone who knows their way around (the “Guide”) so that you will know someone before you arrive at the conference. So, DockerCon veterans, please consider signing up to be a Guide and help welcome those newer to DockerCon to the amazing Docker community. Participating gives you the opportunity to learn even more, grow an even bigger network, and have even more fun!

Here’s what Pals had to say:

“Docker Pals was an excellent opportunity to meet new Docker Captains and Community Leaders who are open to engaging with container enthusiasts of all skill levels, specialities and backgrounds. I would certainly take advantage of the program again, and volunteer to be a Guide next year.” – Jackie Liu

“I was able to learn and understand how Docker is used in real time and in production with my fellow Docker Pal.” – Ramesh

“This was my first DockerCon and I really appreciated having a veteran to show me around.” – Anonymous

Here’s what Guides had to say:

“Conferences can be lonely if you don’t know anyone, or are the only person from your company. Docker Pals provides a stress free opportunity to connect with people and get to know them.” – Tim Tyler

“I found it was nice to meet people from other fields and it was a pleasure to introduce people to DockerCon. I look forward to doing it again.” – Anonymous

“It was great meeting the Pals assigned to me. For me it was interesting to learn about the different people and use cases. I also enjoyed walking everyone through the Vendor area explaining all the technologies.” – Brian Christner

Space in the Program is Limited – Sign Up Now!

Read more about Docker Pals and sign up here.


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