Accelerate Application Delivery with Application Templates in Docker Desktop Enterprise

Jim Armstrong

Jul 26 2019

The Application Templates interface.

Docker Enterprise 3.0, now generally available, includes several new features that make it simpler and faster for developers to build and deliver modern applications in the world of Docker containers and Kubernetes. One such feature is the new Application Templates interface that is included with Docker Desktop Enterprise.

Application Templates enable developers to build modern applications using a library of predefined and organization-approved application and service templates, without requiring prior knowledge of Docker commands. By providing re-usable “scaffolding” for developing modern container-based applications, Application Templates accelerate developer on-boarding and improve productivity.

The Application Templates themselves include many of the discrete components required for developing a new application, including the Dockerfile, custom base images, common compose service YAML, and application parameters (external ports and upstream image versions). They can even include boilerplate code and code editor configs.

With Application Templates, development leads, application architects, and security and operations teams can customize and share application and service templates that align to corporate standards. As a developer, you know you’re starting from pre-approved templates that  eliminate time-consuming configuration steps and error-prone manual setup. Instead, you have the freedom to customize and experiment so you can focus on delivering innovative apps. 

Application Templates In Action: A Short Demo

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Containerize Apps

Even if you’ve never run a Docker container before, there is a new GUI-based Application Designer interface in Docker Desktop Enterprise that makes it simple to view and select Application Templates, run them on your machine, and start coding. There’s also a docker template CLI interface (currently available in Experimental mode only), which provides the same functionality if you prefer command line to a GUI.

Underneath the covers, Application Templates create a Docker Application, a new packaging format based on the Cloud Native Application Bundle specification. Docker Applications make it easy to bundle up all the container images, configuration, and parameters and share them on Docker Hub or Docker Trusted Registry. 

Docker Desktop Enterprise comes pre-loaded with a library of common templates based on Docker Hub official images, but you can also create and use templates customized to your own organization’s specifications.

After developers select their template and scaffold it locally, source code can be mounted in the local containers to speed the inner loop code and test cycles. The containers are running right on the developer’s machine so any changes to the code will be visible immediately in the running application. 

Docker Desktop Enterprise with Application Templates is generally available now! Contact Docker today to get started.

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