Announcing Docker Hub Classic

Apr 1 2016

As we passed 2.5B pulls on Docker Hub recently, we were proud but we were also concerned. What if we’re simply using too much of the Internet for Docker? We certainly wouldn’t want to get in the way of streaming your favorite show (by the way, winter is coming).

So, today we’re announcing Docker Hub Classic, an alternative way for Hub users to pull images from Docker Hub.

The benefits of Docker Hub Classic include: Dockerhubclassic

  • Agility – what could be faster and easier than a DVD mail service?
  • Portability – simply take the DVD out of your machine and move it to another
  • Control – manage your Docker image queue from your mobile phone so your physical mailbox always has the content you need when you need it!

In the next release of Docker Engine, we’ll be adding an additional flag:

docker pull <image> --dvd


Using the --dvd flag will ship you the image on a DVD to save on Internet bandwidth. Anyone with a Hub account can have up to 3 DVDs at one time.

Docker Hub Classic also offers paid plans as an extension to a Docker Hub subscription to meet any needs including up to 10 images per week, which should be enough for anyone!

Returning images is easy! Just put the DVD in the envelope with prepaid postage and drop it in the mail.

On the product roadmap for Docker Hub Classic v2.0 is pulling your images from a floppy disk and a USB flash drive.

Sign up for early access here!


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