5 Software Development Predictions for 2020

To kick off the new year, we sat down with Docker CEO Scott Johnston and asked him what the future holds for software development. Here are his 2020 predictions and trends to keep an eye on.

Existing Code and Apps Become New Again

Developers will find new ways to reuse existing code instead of reinventing the wheel to start from scratch. Additionally, we’ll see companies extend the value to existing apps by adding more functionality via microservices.

The Changing Definition of a Modern Application

Today’s applications are more complex than those of yesterday. In 2020, modern apps will power tomorrow’s innovation and this requires a diverse set of tools, languages and frameworks for developers. Developers need even more flexibility to address this new wave of modern apps and evolve with the rest of the industry.

Containers Pave the Way to New Application Trends

Now that containers are typically considered a common deployment mechanism, the conversation will evolve from the packaging of individual containers to the packaging of the entire application (which are becoming increasingly diverse and distributed). Organizations will increasingly look for guidance and solutions that help them unify how they build and manage their entire application portfolio no matter the environment: on premises, hybrid/multi-cloud, edge, etc.

Digital Transformation Transforms Itself 

Digital transformation was the buzzword of 2019, but we’ll see the term become less ambiguous this year. It’ll evolve to have a more specific meaning: a process for creating business impact through modernizing existing technology investments and delivering new applications/services.

A Container-First Strategy Proves Itself 

Developers have long been proponents of containers, but there’s been a huge shift toward establishing container-first strategies that are foundational to business transformation. 2020 will mark the year that these container-centric initiatives become the go-to-approach and play out on a larger scale. This will happen across enterprises and industries as it proves immediate impact by providing a clear path to the cloud for all applications, regardless of programming language or whether they’re three-tier brownfield apps or cloud-native greenfield microservices, while reducing cost and risk.


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