Docker Containerization Unlocks the Potential for Dev and Ops

Freedom of choice, agile operations and integrated container security for legacy and cloud-native applications

A Modern Platform for All Applications

Docker unlocks the potential of your organization by giving developers and IT the freedom to build, manage and secure business-critical applications without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-in.

By combining its industry-leading container engine technology, an enterprise-grade container platform and world-class services, Docker enables you to bring traditional and cloud native applications built on Windows Server, Linux and mainframe into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration and reducing time to value.

Because Docker increases productivity and reduces the time it takes to bring applications to market, you now have the resources needed to invest in key digitization projects that cut across the entire value chain, such as application modernization, cloud migration and server consolidation. With Docker, you have the solution that helps you manage the diverse applications, clouds and infrastructure you have today while providing your business a path forward to future applications.

What Docker Can Do For Your Business

The Docker Enterprise container platform delivers immediate value to your business by reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs of supporting your existing application portfolio while accelerating your time to market for new solutions.

Faster Time to Market

New applications and services are what keep your competitive edge. With Docker, organizations are able to triple their speed to deliver new services with development and operational agility enabled by containerization.

300% +

Faster Time to Market

Developer Productivity

Take the frustration out of setting up development environments with Docker, empower your developers to be productive on day one. Docker removes the friction of “dependency hell” to make getting started and shipping new code faster and easier.

1300% +

Developer Productivity

Deployment Velocity

Supercharge development to deployment with Docker. Containerization breaks down barriers for DevOps teams to accelerate deployment times and frequency.

60% +

Deployment Velocity

IT Infrastructure Reduction

Optimize your costs by increasing your application workload density, getting better utilization of your server compute density and reducing software licensing costs.

40% -

IT Infrastructure Reduction

IT Operational Efficiency

Gain operational agility by streamlining and automating the management of diverse applications and infrastructure silos into a uniform operating model to simplify the supply chain, while improving scalability and security across the enterprise.

40% +

IT Operational Efficiency

Faster Issue Resolution

Ensure customer satisfaction and service levels by accelerating your mean time to resolution for issues. Easily roll back and deploy fixes to your applications.

72% +

Faster Issue Resolution

How Docker Works for You


Tooling that is simple to use, yet powerful and delivers a great user experience so you can focus on what you love — writing great code.

IT Operations

Docker delivers an enterprise-ready container platform to deploy and run applications in a way that makes the best sense for your customers and business.

Business Leader

Docker provides a platform to drive your digital transformation by accelerating new innovation while dramatically driving down your existing IT costs.

A Complete Solution

Docker Enterprise Manages All of Your Application Needs

Docker containers are the fastest growing cloud-enabling technology and driving a new era of computing and application architecture with their lightweight approach to bundle applications and dependencies into isolated, yet highly portable application packages. Containers alone are not enough to provide value at the scale of your enterprise and do not directly address the compliance, security and operational needs of your organization.

Docker is your partner for digital and cloud initiatives and we have an enterprise-ready container platform that harnesses the potential of containers and a methodology that puts you at the center of the journey - no matter where you are today. Docker-led transformation works with the people, process and technology you have today, integrates to it, and evolves it at the pace your business needs.

Ready to Build Your Containerization Strategy?

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