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Docker Scout brings together all the information you need when working on securing your container development, including a layer-by-layer view of dependencies, their known vulnerabilities, and recommended remediation paths.

Docker Scout is designed with developers in mind and is fully integrated into the Docker ecosystem. With Docker Scout, you can spend less time searching for and fixing vulnerabilities and more time developing your code.

The docker scout CLI plugin provides a terminal interface for Docker Scout. It is available by default in Docker Desktop starting version 4.17.0.
If you prefer alternative installation methods or require specific versions of the docker Scout CLI plugin, check out Docker Scout on GitHub.

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Observability and Analysis

  • Gain insights into software composition
  • Compare images and identify vulnerabilities
  • Analyze container image for vulnerabilities
  • Customize output formats and filters
docker scout Command-line tool for Docker Scout
docker scout quickview Quick overview of an image
docker scout compare Compare two images and display differences

docker scout compare

--to <image_name>:latest


Compare an image to the latest tag

docker scout compare

--to-latest <image_name>

Compare an image to the latest one pushed

docker scout compare

--to-env <env_name> <image_name>

Compare an image to an environment

docker scout compare

--ignore base

--to <image_name>:latest


Ignore base images

docker scout compare

--format markdown

--to <image_name>:latest


Generate a markdown output

docker scout compare

--only-package-type maven

--only-severity critical

--to <image_name>:latest


​Only compare maven packages and only display critical vulnerabilities for maven packages
docker scout environment Lists the environment and records images to it
docker scout config environment Print configuration values of the organization

Vulnerability Management

  • Identify and track CVEs in software artifacts
  • Analyze vulnerabilities by package
  • Retrieve Docker Scout version Information
  • Import and export vulnerability data
docker scout version Show Docker Scout version information
docker scout cves Display CVEs identified in a software artifact
docker scout cves <image_name> Display vulnerabilities grouped by package

docker save image_name >


docker scout


Display vulnerabilities from a docker save tarball

docker scout cves

--format sarif

--output <image_name>.sarif.json


Export vulnerabilities to a SARIF JSON file

docker scout cves


Display vulnerabilities from an OCI directory
docker scout cves fs:// Display vulnerabilities from the current directory

docker scout repo list enable


Enable scout on repositories

Remediation & Recommendation

  • Explore base image updates and recommendations
  • Streamline image update processes
  • Optimize image refresh strategies
  • Fine-tune recommendations with filters
docker scout recommendations Display available base image updates and remediation recommendations

docker scout recommendations


Display base image update recommendations

docker scout recommendations

--only-refresh <image_name>

Display base image refresh only recommendations

docker scout recommendations

--only-update <image_name>

Display base image update only recommendations

Policy Evaluation

  • Ensure that artifacts align with established supply chain best practices
  • Visualize how small, incremental changes affect policy status
  • Provides out-of-the-box policies
  • Define Supply chain rules for your artifacts
  • Helps you track how your artifacts perform relative to rules and thresholds, over time
docker scout policy <image_name> Evaluate policies against an image

docker scout policy <image_name>

--platform <platform_name>

Evaluate policies against an image with a specific platform

docker scout policy <repo_name>

--to-env <env_name>

Compare policy results for a repository in a specific environment