Docker Container Registry

Securely store, share and manage container images in your own private registries.

Secure and Share

Docker Trusted Registry is the private, enterprise-grade image storage solution included with Docker Enterprise. Quickly pull and build upon existing images or create your own from scratch, then push them to access-controlled repositories or share them with your entire organization. Built-in security enables you to verify and trust the provenance and content of your applications and ensure secure separation of concerns. Automated operations and integration with CI/CD speed up application testing and delivery.

The perfect home for your organization’s application content

Seamlessly Share Any Application, Anywhere

Create and push multi-service applications and images and make them accessible within your company. Mirror containerized content to distributed teams with policy-based controls.

Collaborate and Build With Your Team

Access-controlled repositories let you determine who you share applications with and who can create new ones. Multiple repositories can be linked to provide a separation of duties from development through production.

Automate Your Development-to-Production Pipeline

Use automated builds and webhooks for easy integration into your development pipeline. Policy-based promotion automates compliance checks to secure your application supply chain.

Key Features and Capabilities

Access control

Integrate with internal user directories to implement fine-grained access policies in Docker Trusted Registry. Improve DevOps collaboration while maintaining clear boundaries.

Image scanning

Get unprecedented insight into the software and libraries your organization is using and your exposure to known security threats. Images are scanned at the binary level then correlated with a regularly updated CVE vulnerability database.

Image signing

Docker Content Trust uses digital signatures to verify both the contents and publisher of images. Developers and CI tools can apply signatures so downstream users and automation tools can verify image authenticity before running.

Caching and mirroring

Distributed teams and production environments require images to be available in multiple sites. Docker image repositories can be mirrored and cached, putting images right where they are needed and avoiding network bottlenecks.

Image lifecycle

Container images may be lightweight, but that does not mean you want to store every image your team or CI tool creates forever. Automatically clean up images based on policy controls like the date of the last update or the number of recent images you want to keep.

Policy-based image promotion

Streamline the development and delivery pipeline and enforce security controls with promotion policies that automatically gate images, ensuring only approved content makes its way to production.

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