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Commercial use of Docker Desktop at a company of more than 250 employees OR more than $10 million in annual revenue requires a paid subscription (Pro, Team, or Business).

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What’s Docker Desktop?

The fastest way to containerize applications

Docker Desktop is secure, out-of-the-box containerization software offering developers and teams a robust, hybrid toolkit to build, share, and run applications anywhere.

Why developers love Docker

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Why Docker Desktop?

Built for developer and business velocity

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Quick to set up

Start developing on your local machine and immediately connect with remote resources. Docker Desktop’s single installer sets up everything you need to start building, sharing, and running containers in seconds.

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Simple to maintain

Our monthly releases include new features to help developers, team leads, and businesses rapidly deliver secure and innovative applications. Docker Desktop is also regularly maintained with bug fixes and security updates.

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Secure from the start

We’re setting the standard for enterprise-ready container development solutions. Docker Desktop is secure from the first download, consistently monitoring and managing patches and security fixes as needed.

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Easy to scale

Whether you’re a small startup or an organization with 1,000+ developers, Docker Desktop is designed to grow with you. Scale confidently with features such as Hardened Docker Desktop.

Enterprise ready

Develop with Docker containers at scale

Whether you’re orchestrating mid-sized to large development teams or require advanced security and management tools, Docker is your unwavering partner in providing a complete suite of developer tools and services. Trusted by an astounding 70% of Fortune 100 companies, we’re helping our customers streamline how they build, share, and run applications.

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Your perfect pricing

A subscription level for everyone

Choose the subscription level that supports your development velocity and start building with Docker Desktop today.

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Includes pro tools for individual developers who want to accelerate their productivity.

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For smaller teams requiring collaboration and productivity tools.

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Ideal for businesses looking for centralized management and advanced security capabilities.

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Docker Desktop Extensions

Extend the power of Docker Desktop

Extensions expand Docker Desktop’s capabilities and establish new functionalities, integrating your most critical tools seamlessly. At Docker we’re invested in ensuring individual developers and teams can build their ideal development environment.

Docker Extensions

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