Secure Your Government Software Supply Chain with Docker

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Government software developers need reliable tools to develop critical applications with confidence and security. As a constant innovator of new functionalities, Docker helps government agencies solve problems with Zero Trust, DevSecOps, and Software Supply Chain Security. With Docker Business, you can rest easy knowing your software is secure, follows government compliance standards, and connects developers with their favorite Extensions.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

  • Prevent nefarious applications from hiding within your legitimate source code. With a SBOM, you can create a verifiable record of your containerized software components.
  • Thwart attacker efforts before they ever reach production. Docker SBOM assembles at image creation instead of immediately before deployment.
  • Integrate seamlessly with any existing CI/CD pipeline or build process.

Docker Extensions

  • Stay connected to your favorite development tools with Docker Extensions.
  • Find official and community-sourced Extensions to improve and optimize your workflows.
  • Configure Docker Desktop for functions such as debugging, testing, security, and networking.
  • Build add-ons with the Extensions SDK.

Zero Trust

  • Shield against attackers from inside and outside your network by customizing Docker for Zero Trust.
  • Maintain full visibility with security management features to identify users, update permissions, verify timelines, and control individual roles.
  • Remove container relationships by configuring Docker for implicit mutual trust on the Docker subnet.
Zero trust
Government compliance

Government Compliance

  • Leverage a container-industry mainstay in your government production deployments.
  • Containerize your software for any Impact Level and deploy up to TS/SCI environments.
  • Execute pre-built, automated STIGs, and accelerate ATO approval.

Don’t forget, all public sector and government users need to purchase a Docker subscription to comply with our terms of service. But don’t worry, we’re here to help your agency get compliant. Schedule a consultative call with a Docker expert today.

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