Docker for Windows Server

Windows Server 2016 supports Docker secure and efficient containerization platform and Docker runs containers on Windows Server and Windows 10. Native Windows apps can now be built, shipped and run in containers, making them more portable, easier to work on and simpler to run.

Use Docker with Windows Server 2016 to containerize complex legacy apps without re-coding and run them securely and isolated with less infrastructure and impact on other workloads. Or use Docker with Nano Server to modernize existing apps or build new microservices based apps that are more secure and can be deployed with extreme density.

Docker works the same way on Windows as it does on Linux: same Docker CLI, API, image format and Docker registry services support both Windows and Linux images side by side. This standard interface provides a consistent Docker experience across any platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Docker Enterprise Edition for Windows Server is available for all Windows Server 2016 customers at no additional cost
  • Eliminate conflicts of different versions of IIS/.NET to coexist on a single system with container isolation.
  • Complimentary with Hyper-V virtualization
  • Take advantage of new base images like Windows Server Core and Nano Server
  • Consistent Docker user experience use the same commands as Docker for Linux environments
  • Added isolation properties with Hyper V containers selected at runtime

Get Started

  • Enterprise Edition (EE)

    Docker EE for Windows Server is available at no additional cost to all Windows Server 2016 customers. Technical support is aligned to the Microsoft support entitlement and provided by Microsoft.

    Get EE from Docker Store