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Docker delivers a platform for driving digital transformation across your entire application portfolio, engineered to work the way you want to work, supporting on-premises, cloud and hybrid architectures.

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Docker is the leader in the containerization market, combining an enterprise-grade container platform with world-class services to give developers and IT alike the freedom to build, manage and secure applications without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-in. Today’s organizations are under pressure to digitally transform their business but are constrained by a diverse portfolio of applications, clouds and premises-based infrastructures.

Docker unlocks the potential of every organization with a container platform that brings traditional applications and microservices built on Window, Linux and mainframe into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration.

As a result, organizations report a 300 percent improvement in time to market, while reducing operational costs by 50 percent. Inspired by open source innovation and a rich ecosystem of technology and go-to-market partners, Docker’s container platform and services are used by millions of developers and more than 750 Global 10K commercial customers including ADP, GE, MetLife, PayPal and Societe Generale.


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  • May 2019: Rob Bearden becomes CEO

  • December 2018: Docker announces Docker Desktop Enterprise

  • June 2018: Docker Provides Federated Application Management Across Multiple Clouds

  • January 2018: Docker surpasses 50B container downloads

  • April 2017: Docker Open Sources the Moby Project and LinuxKit

  • March 2017: Docker announces Docker Enterprise

  • December 2016: Docker donates containerd to the CNCF

  • October 2016: Alibaba Cloud and Docker partner to drive adoption of containerized applications in China

  • January 2016: Docker surpasses 18B container downloads

  • April 2015: Docker secures Series D funding

  • December 2014: Docker reaches 100M downloads

  • June 2014: Docker Engine 1.0 GA and the first DockerCon


Scott Johnston

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Graham

VP of Products

David Messina

EVP of Strategic Alliances

John Kreisa

SVP of Marketing

Jean-Laurent de Morlhon

VP of Engineering

Sue Jaap

VP of Human Resources

Lisa Berry

General Counsel

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