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Nigel Poulton in Gawsworth, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Living it large in the world of enterprise IT. Technical training videos at, and co-host of the In Tech We Trust Podcast.
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Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Nigel Poulton (@nigelpoulton, Author and International Man of Tech Knowledge) about the evolution of the container ecosystem, the maturity of container technology, Docker's announcement of Kubernetes support and what's next, and how IT professionals are learning about containerizing applications.
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Docker and Kubernetes are two of the hottest technologies on the planet. Fortunately, skilling yourself up has never been easier!

I remember learning Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000. It was hard. I had to beg my employer for a home lab – two noisy PC’s, and one of those monitors that gave me a back injury every time I lifted it. It was also before the the days of VMware, so it was a painful multi-hour slog every time I rebuilt the lab – and I rebuilt it a lot!
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