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Full stack developer / Teacher, Holbrook, New York United States of America

Nick Janetakis is a self-employed software developer and teacher who spends his time doing consulting work and creating online courses. He is also the creator of the Dive Into Docker course which is a comprehensive video course to learn how to use Docker. Nick is focused on learning about technology and sharing that knowledge with others.



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Blog Posts by Nick Janetakis

Docker Tip #56: Volume Mounting SSH Keys into a Docker Container —

Posted on: 06/06/2018

On paper this sounds easy. Just mount in your SSH directory and you're done, but it's not that simple with Windows based Docker hosts....

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Docker Tip #53: Difference between a Registry, Repository and Image —

Posted on: 05/08/2018

A Docker repository is where you can store 1 or more versions of a specific Docker image. An image can have 1 or more versions (tags)....

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Docker Tip #52: Referencing Containers and Images by Their Short IDs —

Posted on: 05/02/2018

Container and image IDs are 64 character SHA-256 IDs. Most Docker commands truncate them to 12 characters, but you only need 4 chars....

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Docker Tip #51: Which Docker Compose API Version Should You Use? —

Posted on: 04/25/2018

Docker Compose currently has 3 major API versions (v1, v2 and v3). Certain features are enabled / disabled depending on which one you use....

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Docker Tip #50: Running an Insecure Docker Registry —

Posted on: 04/13/2018

Running an insecure registry isn't recommended but sometimes it's the easiest and most reasonable solution. Here's how to do it. Read the full article at:

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Docker Tip #49: Importing a Database SQL File with Docker Compose —

Posted on: 04/10/2018

When dealing with databases such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB or MySQL, you've likely wanted to import a raw SQL file. Here's how....

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Docker Tip #48: List All Changes Performed in a Container —

Posted on: 03/30/2018

So, you've been making changes inside of a container and now you want to see how it differs from the original. Here's how. Read the full article at:

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Docker Tip #46: Using WORKDIR to Cleanup Your Dockerfile —

Posted on: 03/21/2018

If you find yourself frequently changing directories in your Dockerfile then you may want to look into using WORKDIR. Here's how. The WORKDIR instruction allows you to set a specific path in one spot, and then most instructions (RUN and COPY to name a few) will execute in the context of that WORKDIR....

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Docker Tip #45: Docker Compose Stop vs Down —

Posted on: 03/13/2018

You can stop your containers using the stop or down command, but the down command does more than stopping your containers....

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Docker Tip #44: Show Total Disk Space Used by Docker —

Posted on: 03/06/2018

Here's a simple command to show you much disk space is being taken up by Docker images, containers, volumes and build cache....

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