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Alex Iankoulski

Technical Leader for ML Orchestration, Shell New Energies, San Francisco, CA United States of America

Alex Iankoulski is a DockerCon alumni. He was inspired when he attended DockerCon for the first time in San Francisco in 2015 and since then has become known as a Docker evangelist among his colleagues and in the community. Since 2015, Alex has attended DockerCon every year. He has been building software using Docker and helping accelerate the pace of innovation while applying container technologies to engineering, data science and AI problems. Alex has 24+ years of experience in the software industry. He is currently a Technical Leader for ML Orchestration at Shell New Energies where he works with Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers to bridge the gap between prototype and product using containers. He believes that good tools get out of the way, empower users to go fast and enable them to stay focused on what they do best. What he likes best about Docker is that the answer is always "yes!"



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