January Extensions: Deploy Kubernetes and Develop Cloud Apps Locally

Check out the docker extensions added to docker desktop in january.

It’s a new year, and we’ve got some new Docker Extensions to share with you! Docker extensions build new functionality into Docker Desktop, extend its existing capabilities, and allow you to discover and integrate additional tools that you’re already using with Docker. Let’s take a look at our exciting new extensions from January.

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Deploy production-grade Kubernetes with no code

Are you new to Kubernetes, but need to deploy something to production? With the harpoon extension for Docker Desktop, you can use a no-code solution to deploy any software in seconds. It’s even great for a seasoned pro, as it has all the features you need to be successful in deploying and configuring your software.

With the harpoon extension, you can:

  • Deploy your software to the cloud
  • Monitor your software in real time
  • Be notified if there is a problem
Deploy no-code kubernetes with the harpoon docker extension.

Manage and run cloud applications locally

Do you need configuration profiles, container logs, and more locally? With LocalStack for Docker Desktop, you can now easily manage your LocalStack instance. Using the LocalStack extension enables a highly efficient and fully local development and testing loop for you and your team.

With the LocalStack extension, you can:

  • Control LocalStack: Start, stop, and restart LocalStack from the Docker Desktop. You can also see the current status of your LocalStack instance and navigate to LocalStack Web Application.
  • Get LocalStack insights: You can see the log information of the LocalStack instance and all the available services and their status on the service page.
  • Manage LocalStack configurations: You can manage and use your profiles via configurations and create new configurations for your LocalStack instance.
Develop cloud apps locally with the localstack docker extension.

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