Introducing Registry Access Management for Docker Business

We at Team Docker have been laser focused on building a more secure developer experience without compromising on productivity, speed, or choice. Many of our customers have been asking for a better way to manage the container registries their developers can use within Docker Desktop. Well, we’re excited to announce that your wish has been granted! Registry Access Management is now available for all Docker Business subscribers.

Registry access management on docker hub

Centralized controls on Docker Hub make it easier for admins to create registry access policies

New registries can be spun up quickly, providing a way for developers to potentially pull malicious software or push sensitive data and intellectual property. Registry Access Management gives organizations greater control over the registries their developers can access while using Docker Desktop. When enabled, Registry Access Management can reduce the security risks tied to public registries by ensuring that developers only access trusted registries like Docker Hub, or private registries on Artifactory, AWS ECR, Github Container Registry, Google Container Registry, Quay, and others.

How does it work?

Organization owners can set registry access policies through centralized controls on Docker Hub.

Search icon

Search, display, and add new registries in a single view.

Toggle icon

Set which registries developers can access while using Docker Desktop by toggling each listed registry on and off.

Notification icon

Developers who try to access an affected registry on Docker Desktop will receive clear notifications that their organization has blocked it.

For more information and best practices, check out our docs page.

Registry Access Management + Image Access Management = Match Made in Security Heaven

By enabling both Registry Access Management and Image Access Management, organizations can have greater security over their Docker workflows. This empowers developers to do their best work with the confidence that the registries and images they use are compliant with their organization’s policies. To see a demo of these two features in action, join us in our upcoming webinar, where we’ll walk through the advanced management and security tools included in your Docker Business subscription.

Registry access management demo and webinar on june 22, 2022

Registry Access Management is available to organizations with a Docker Business subscription. Click here to learn more about how Docker Business supercharges developer productivity and collaboration without compromising on security and compliance.


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