How Docker is Partnering with the Ecosystem to Help Dev Teams Build Apps

Back in March, Justin Graham, our VP of Product, wrote about how partnering with the ecosystem is a key part of Docker’s strategy to help developers and development teams get from source code to public cloud runtimes in the easiest, most efficient and cloud-agnostic way. This post will take a brief look at some of the ways that Docker’s approach to partnering has evolved to support this broader refocused company strategy. 

First, to deliver the best experience for developers Docker needs much more seamless integration with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Developers are increasingly looking to cloud runtimes for their applications as evidenced by the tremendous growth that the cloud container services have seen. We want to deliver the best developer experience moving forward from local desktop to cloud, and doing that includes tight integration with any and all clouds for cloud-native development. As a first step, we’ve already announced that we are working with AWS, Microsoft and others in the open source community to extend the Compose Specification to more flexibly support cloud-native platforms. You will see us continue to progress our activity in this direction. 

The second piece of Docker’s partnership strategy is offering best in class solutions from around the ecosystem to help developers and development teams build apps faster, easier and more securely. We know that there are tools out there that developers love and rely on in their workflow, and we want those to integrate with their Docker workflow. This makes everyone’s lives easier. Expect to see Docker Hub evolve to become a central point for the ecosystem of developer tools companies to partner with to deliver a more seamless and integrated experience for developers. Imagine your most beloved SaaS tools integrating right into Hub. 

We have been talking with some fantastic partners in the industry and are excited to make some announcements that bring this all to life in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! And if you haven’t already, register now for DockerCon on May 28, 2020 where you’ll learn more about how we’re working with the ecosystem accelerate code to cloud development and hear from some of our great partners.   


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