Docker’s sessions at KubeCon 2020

In a few weeks, August 17-20, lots of us at Docker in Europe were looking forward to hopping on the train down to Amsterdam for KubeCon CloudNativeCon Europe. But like every other event since March, this one is virtual so we will all be at home joining remotely. Most of the sessions are pre recorded with live Q&A, the format that we used at DockerCon 2020. As a speaker I really enjoyed this format at DockerCon, we got an opportunity to clarify and answer extra questions during the talk. It will be rather different from the normal KubeCon experience with thousands of people at the venue though!

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Our talks

Chris Crone has been closely involved with the CNAB (Cloud Native Application Bundle) project since the launch in late 2018. He will be talking about how to Simplify Your Cloud Native Application Packaging and Deployments, and will explain why CNAB is a great tool for developers. Packaging up entire applications into self contained artifacts is a really useful tool, an extension of packaging up a single container. The tooling, especially Porter has been making a lot of progress recently so if you heard about CNAB before and are wondering what has been happening this talk is for you, or if you are new to CNAB.

On the subject of putting new things in registries, Silvin Lubecki and Djordje Lukic from our Paris team will be giving a talk about storing absolutely anything into a container registry, Sharing is Caring! Push Your Cloud Application to a Container Registry. The movement for putting everything into container registries is taking off now, once they were just for containers, but now we are seeing Helm charts and lots more cloud native artifacts being put into registries, but there are some difficulties which Silvin and Djordje will help you out with.

I am giving a talk about working in security, How to Work in Cloud Native Security, Demystifying the Security Role. Have you ever wanted to work in security? It is a really interesting field, with a real shortage of people, so if you are working in tech or about to start, I will talk about how to get into the field. It is actually surprisingly accessible and a fascinating field.

Since the last KubeCon, Docker, Microsoft, Amazon and many others have been working on a new version of Notary, the CNCF project that is a tool for signing containers. With Steve Lasker from Microsoft and Omar Paul from Amazon we will cover the current progress and the roadmap in the Intro and Update.

Finally I will be in the open CNCF meeting and public Q&A, which will be held live, along with Chris Aniszczyk, Liz Rice, Saad Ali, Michelle Noorali, Sheng Liang and Katie Gamanji. Come along and ask questions about the CNCF!

What about Docker Captains?

In addition, don’t miss the talks from the Docker Captains. Lee Calcote, is talking about the intricacies of service mesh performance and giving the introduction to the CNCF SIG Network. Adrian Mouat will be talking at the Cloud Native Security Day on day 0 of the conference, on Image Provenance and Security in Kubernetes.


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