DockerCon LIVE with theCUBE: Call for Papers is Open

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CFP Deadline: March 27th at 11:59 PM PST

The beauty of Docker is in the ways that developers are using it to positively impact their lives, industries, and day-to-day workflows. From sending rockets to space, to running some of the biggest apps on Earth, Docker helps developers build and share containerized apps – from the boring to the apps that change the world. DockerCon is the place where the community comes together to connect and share stories, best practices, and use cases. 

Back in December, we announced that DockerCon would not be a physical event but instead was evolving into a digital event. At the time, that decision was made in order to make attending DockerCon an option for any and all developers and members of the community. And now with the current state of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are extra thankful to have already been planning for a virtual-only gathering. This change to DockerCon is the safest and healthiest option for our community, and we are excited to still bring everyone together to learn and share from one another.  

This year, DockerCon will be a virtual event on May 28th from 9am to 5pm GMT -8.  We are looking forward to delivering a more earth and budget-friendly conference while maintaining the compelling content and connections that DockerCon is known for. We think we have a format that delivers on that and uniquely taps the Docker community at large. But this certainly starts with you! Share your story by submitting a CFP to speak at DockerCon LIVE before the deadline of March 27th.

What we are looking for

We are looking for submissions on the following topics:

  • Developer workflows (CI/CD)
  • Use Case: Setting up your local dev environment: Tips and Tricks
  • Use Case: How to onboard new developers – best practices 
  • Use Case: Containerizing your microservices
  • Use Case: Containerizing legacy apps
  • Use Case: Using Docker to deploy machine learning models
  • Unique use cases and cool apps
  • Technical deep dives 
  • Community Stories
  • Open Source

How DockerCon LIVE works

To allow for conversation and ensure a stress-free delivery for the speaker, session talks for DockerCon LIVE will be pre-recorded and played at a specific time during the conference. Speakers will be in chat with the audience during their session and be available to answer questions. The Docker team will help speakers prepare, record and review their content. We are excited to try this format and hope that it creates a great experience for speakers (new and seasoned) and attendees alike.

First timer? Fantastic! 

Everyone has to start somewhere and a virtual conference makes it a lot less intimidating to share your knowledge. If you aren’t sure what to talk about, think about an interesting problem you’ve solved, details of your day-to-day workflow, and ask a friend what they think you should talk about. Sometimes the best topics are things that a coworker finds interesting about your skills or role. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Sharing is Caring: The opportunity to share your experience with the broader community in person and online
  • Speaker’s Swag
  • Support in preparing your talk
  • Community visibility to your expertise with Docker
  • A recording of your talk that will be posted online 

Don’t miss this great opportunity to tell your story


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