DockerCon 2020: Top Rated Sessions – The Fundamentals

Of all the sessions from DockerCon LIVE 2020, the Best Practices + How To’s track sessions received the most live views and on-demand views. Not only were these sessions highly viewed, they were also highly rated. We thought this would be the case based on the fact that many developers are learning Docker for this first time as application containerization is experiencing broad adoption within IT shops. In the recently released 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Docker ranked as the #1 most wanted platform. The data is clear…developers love Docker!

This post begins our series of blog articles focusing on the key developer content that we are curating from DockerCon. What better place to start than with the fundamentals. Developers are looking for the best content by the top experts to get started with Docker. These are the top sessions from the Best Practices + How To’s track. 

How to Get Started with Docker
Peter McKee – Docker

2020 top rated sessions 1

Peter’s session was the top session based on views across all of the tracks. He does an excellent job focusing on the fundamentals of containers and how to go from code to cloud. This session covers getting Docker installed, writing your first Dockerfiles, building and managing images, and shipping your images to the cloud.

Build & Deploy Multi-Container Applications to AWS
Lukonde Mwila – Entelect

2020 top rated sessions 2

Lukonde’s excellent session was the second most-viewed DockerCon session. Developers are looking for more information on how to best deploy their apps to the cloud. You definitely want to watch this session as Lukonde provides not only a great overview but gets into the code and command line. This session covers Docker Compose as well as how to containerize: Nginx server, React app, Node.js app, and a MongoDB app. He also covers how to create a CI/CD pipeline and how to push images to Docker Hub.

Simplify All the Things with Docker Compose
Michael Irwin – Virginia Tech

2020 top rated sessions 3

Michael is a Docker Captain and a top expert on Docker. He focuses this session on where the magic happens with Docker: Docker Compose. It’s the magic that delivers the simplest dev onboarding experience imaginable. Michael starts with the basics but quickly moves into several advanced topics. The section on how to use Docker Compose in your CI/CD pipelines to perform automated tests of your container images is a real gem!

How to Build and Test Your Docker Images in the Cloud
Peter McKee – Docker

2020 top rated sessions 4

This is another awesome session by Peter. He focused this talk on how to automate your build pipeline and perform continuous testing. With a focus on the fundamentals, Peter explains continuous integration (CI) and how to setup a CI pipeline using Docker Hub’s Webhooks, AutoBuilds, AutoTests and GitHub Actions. This is a great overview and primer for developers looking to start using Docker Hub.
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