DockerCon 2020: The AWS Sessions

Last week we announced Docker and AWS created an integrated and frictionless experience for developers to leverage Docker Compose, Docker Desktop, and Docker Hub to deploy their apps on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate. On the heels of that announcement, we continue the latest series of blog articles focusing on developer content that we are curating from DockerCon LIVE 2020, this time with a focus on AWS. If you are running your apps on AWS, bookmark this post for relevant insights for easy access in one place.

As more developers adopt and learn Docker, and as more organizations are jumping head-first into containerizing their applications, AWS continues to be the cloud of choice for deployment. Earlier this year Docker and AWS collaborated on open specification and as mentioned on the Docker blog by my colleague Chad Metcalf, deploying straight from Docker to AWS has never been easier. It’s just another step to constantly put ourselves in the shoes of you, our customer, the developer.

The replay of these three sessions on AWS is where you can learn more about container trends for developers, adopting microservices and building and deploying multi-container apps to AWS.

Interview with Deepak Singh, AWS

Deepak Singh – AWS

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Deepak Singh is Vice President of Compute Services at AWS and has broad responsibilities across a number of businesses and teams, including AWS Container Services and the Amazon Open Source Program Office (OSPO). Docker was delighted to have Deepak interviewed by The Cube. He dives into the latest AWS and open source technologies, cloud native development, and the state of containerization in 2020 for developers. Deepak is a dynamic thought leader and you definitely want to catch his interview by Stuart Miniman.

Access Logging Made Easy With Envoy and Fluent Bit

Carmen Puccio – AWS

2020 aws sessions 2

As customers start to adopt microservices patterns into their organization, they typically run into a challenge when it comes to logging. One of the challenges of a polyglot microservices architecture is trying to correlate different access logs into a consistent format as they are sent to a centralized logging solution. Imagine trying to find a particular error or status code across different services that are interacting with each other with no data consistency in your logs.Be sure to watch this session by AWS Principal Solutions Architect, Carmen Puccio, where you will learn how to implement a consistent and structured log format for your microservices applications with Envoy and Fluent Bit.

Build & Deploy Multi-Container Applications to AWS

Lukonde Mwila

2020 aws sessions 3

As the cloud-native approach to development and deployment becomes more prevalent, it’s an exciting time for software engineers to be equipped on how to dockerize multi-container applications and deploy them to the cloud. In this talk, Lukonde Mwila, Software Engineer at Entelect, will cover the following topics: Docker Compose, containerizing an Nginx server, containerizing an React app, containerizing a Node.JS app, containerizing a MongoDB app,  running a multi-container app locally, creating a CI/CD pipeline, adding a build stage to test containers and push images to Docker Hub, and deploying a multi-container app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


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