Docker Hub v1 API Deprecation

Docker has planned to deprecate the Docker Hub v1 API endpoints that access information related to Docker Hub repositories on September 5th, 2022.


At this time, we have found that the number of v1 API consumers on Docker Hub has fallen below a reasonable threshold to maintain this version of the Hub API. Additionally, approximately 95% of Hub API requests target the newer v2 API. This decision has been made to ensure the stability and enhanced performance of our services so that we can continue to provide you with the best developer experience.

How does this impact you?

After the 5th of September, the following API routes within the v1 path will no longer work and will return a 404 status code:

  • /v1/repositories/<name>/images
  • /v1/repositories/<name>/tags
  • /v1/repositories/<name>/tags/<tag_name>
  • /v1/repositories/<namespace>/<name>/images
  • /v1/repositories/<namespace>/<name>/tags
  • /v1/repositories/<namespace>/<name>/tags/<tag_name>

If you want to continue using the Docker Hub API in your current applications, you must update your clients to use the v2 endpoints. Additional documentation and technical details about how to use the v2 API are available at:

How can I replace the v1 APIs with v2 APIs

If you’re using any v1 hub APIs, here’s how you can replace them with the v2 hub APIs. Some of these changes are in line with the Open Container Initiative(OCI) Distribution Specification.

Deprecated v1 APIsNew v2 APIs that can be used instead

To read more about these changes, please visit the documentation.

How do you get additional help?

If you have additional questions or concerns about the Hub v1 API deprecation process, you can contact us at [email protected].


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