Docker Community All Hands: Event Recap, December 2021

One year ago, we kicked off the Community All Hands (CAH) event. The goal was to bring together Docker staff and community members for the latest product updates. This time, we’ve evolved the CAH to include multiple community tracks that give our amazing community members the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise.  

The event had a main track, hosted by our core team, and seven community tracks. We were blown away by the level of engagement and participation from our community – over 1000 people tuned in to watch the Community talks. 

We also had a networking section where people could speak to each other and meet Docker staff. This was a great opportunity for people to learn more about our team, meet the engineers behind the curtains, and even learn about how you can work at Docker.

Docker job fair v2

Scott Johnston, CEO of Docker, kicked off the company’s Community All Hands event with a presentation on the yearly recap. He highlighted some of the most important moments and accomplishments of the Docker developer community over the past year. 

 The company is focusing its roadmap and priorities on three things for developers: speed, choice, and security. 

“It’s been quite a year for all of us, and we hope you are safe and continue to stay safe and well. But it’s been also a very positive year for the Docker developer community,” Scott said. “We’re so excited about heading into the next year. It’s going to be a phenomenal year with new features, content and experiences for developers.”

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One of the highlights of our Community All Hands was a panel hosted by Peter McKee with key staff from Docker Desktop, including Engineers and Product Managers. They discussed Docker Desktop’s licensing questions, roadmap, and new features. Anca Iordache talked about Awesome Compose, a collection of templates to help you start your next Docker project.

We also hosted a beginner’s track to help you get started with containers. You can hear from Docker Captains about how you can overcome the barriers in learning when trying new technologies.

Finally, the members of our Open Source programs presented their projects and explained how they use Docker to speed up their work. They showcased their projects in multiple disciplines like Bioinformatics, Developer Tooling, Machine Learning, DevOps, and Security.

The Docker developer community is thriving, and the company is committed to continuing to support and invest in it. Thank you to all of the developers who have contributed to the Docker community over the past year – we can’t wait to see what you build next.

If you missed our Community All Hands meeting, we got you. You can watch all the talks and panels on demand.


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