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Docker Captains are select members of the community that are both experts in their field and passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. “Docker Captains Take 5” is a regular blog series where we get a closer look at our Captains and ask them the same broad set of questions ranging from what their best Docker tip is to whether they prefer cats or dogs (personally, we like whales and turtles over here). Today, we’re interviewing Nelson, one of our newest Captains. He’s the founder of Amigoscode and based in London, United Kingdom. You can follow Nelson on Twitter and Instagram for updates on his programming courses, YouTube videos, and more. 

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How/when did you first discover Docker?

I discovered Docker back in 2015 while building a PoC that needed a local Postgres database. I was so impressed that with one single command I had a database up and running and was able to connect the backend to it. Ever since then, I’ve learned even more about Docker and use it in all of my projects. It has been a game-changer.

What’s your favorite Docker command?

docker exec -- it container-name/id /bin/(bash/sh)

What’s your top tip for working with Docker that others may not know?

Whenever building a PoC, you should always use Docker Compose. With this Docker tool, you can spin an entire set of applications that can talk to each other with a single command. In most cases, you can spin up your entire dev environment using Docker Compose. 

What’s the coolest Docker demo you have done/seen?

I’ve built a Golang CLI tool that transcribes all of my videos and translates captions to any language. 

What have you worked on in the past six months that you’re particularly proud of?

Serverless email marketing tool to send emails to my students and subscribers. This tool is written in Golang and deployed on AWS Lambdas running as a Docker container.

What do you anticipate will be Docker’s biggest announcement this year?

I have no idea, but I know it’ll be cool.

What are some personal goals for the next year with respect to the Docker community?

Provide end-to-end programming content that teaches real-world applications by incorporating tools such as Docker. 

What was your favorite thing about DockerCon 2022?

The diversity of software engineers. There’s always something new to take from the talks/presentations.

Looking to the distant future, what’s the technology that you’re most excited about and you think holds a lot of promise?

I think serverless technology will enable engineering teams to think less about servers and focus more on the business side. 

Rapid fire questions…

What new skill have you mastered during the pandemic?


Cats or Dogs?


Salty, sour, or sweet?


Beach or mountains?


Your most often-used emoji?



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