Docker Business now available for purchase on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Today, Docker and Amazon are happy to announce the availability of Docker Business on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. This is a huge step in providing more choice and flexibility to Docker and AWS customers, so you can procure the Docker Application Development Platform – including leading tools, services, integrations, and content – through your preferred channel.

Docker Business was launched in August 2021, as part of Docker’s new product subscription tiers. It addresses challenges faced by organizations that require developer management and software security at scale without impacting developer productivity and collaboration.

Now that Docker Business is on AWS Marketplace, customers will benefit from an accelerated purchase and procurement process, better visibility and control over your tech stack, and even the ability for AWS Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP) members to utilize incentives related to their committed yearly spend on a platform that millions of developers already know and love.

This announcement is just another step towards our growing ecosystem partnership with AWS, which already includes the ability to build and deploy applications with Docker Desktop and Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, the availability of Docker Official Images on AWS ECR, and Docker’s Graviton ready designation.

What do I get with Docker Business?

Docker Business helps organizations build modern, secure, and reliable applications without compromising on development speed, flexibility, or trust. It includes the Docker Application Development Platform with added enterprise-grade features like:

  • Centralized user management and visibility controls
  • Registry and image access management
  • Single sign-on
  • Advanced security
  • Prioritized support

Read more about Docker Business here.

How do I purchase on AWS Marketplace?

You can access the Docker Business listing on AWS Marketplace. After signing into your AWS account, “Configure your Software Contract” and follow the steps from there. 

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Once your purchase is complete, activate your subscription and you’re good to go!

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Resellers looking to purchase via AWS Marketplace will need to work through our distributor, Nuaware. For more information about purchasing with a Docker reseller, read this blog.

As mentioned, we will continue to work with Amazon to increase the collaboration between Docker and AWS. Check out what we have coming in our public roadmap.

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