Announcing Udemy + Docker Partnership

Docker and Udemy announced a new partnership at DockerCon to give developers a clear, defined, accessible path for learning how to use Docker, best practices, advanced concepts, and everything in between. As the #1 rated online course platform for learning how to code (as ranked by Stack Overflow), Udemy will help to supply Docker’s 20 million active developers with specific course content and customized learning paths, ensuring they have access to the latest training materials on how to best use Docker tools.

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Instructors on Udemy have in-depth knowledge and experience about Docker’s suite of development tools, services, trusted content, and automations. As a leading destination for online learning and skill development, Udemy offers course content that is accessible, inclusive, and attainable for a broad range of developers. This Docker + Udemy partnership will establish a key destination for developers and hobbyists who want to further their Docker education. Together, Docker and Udemy will enhance their communities with shared standards, education paths, and credibility.

This partnership will bring Docker educational content together into easy-to-navigate learning paths to help developers prepare for future certification exams to demonstrate skills mastery. Additionally, this platform aims to create a streamlined way for developers to gain knowledge, receive badges, and stay current on the latest content, including faster access to trainings on new Docker features, by inviting Udemy instructors to become Docker Certified Instructors where they can preview new features and prepare training content for distribution the moment a new update goes live.

These courses and their curricula will also be vetted by Docker and experts from the Docker community. And, in the true spirit of open source, these curricula will be made publicly available for all content creators to use.  

In the coming months, we will invite members of the Docker community who are experienced instructors and content creators to create Docker courses on Udemy, or bring their existing content into our learning paths. We are thrilled to be able to bring our community into this endeavor and to amplify visibility for the community.

Stay tuned for more details on this partnership soon. To get started today and gain access to Udemy’s collection of more than 350 Docker courses, developers can visit:

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