2019 Docker Community Awards

The Docker Community is the heart of Docker’s success and a huge reason why Docker was named the most wanted and second most loved developer tool in the 2019 Stack Overflow Survey. This year, we honored the following members of the Docker Community for their exemplary contributions to Docker users around the globe. On behalf of Docker and developers everywhere, thank you for your passion and commitment to this community!


Ajeet Singh Raina, Bangalore, India

Ajeet is a Docker Captain and Docker Community Leader for Docker Bangalore, the largest Docker Meetup in the world with nearly 8,000 members. His meetups are more like mini-conferences, commonly exceeding hundreds of RSVPs and involving free hands on workshop and training content that he and his docker community have developed. Ajeet is also a prolific blogger, sharing docker and kubernetes content on his blog Collabnix, which had over a million views in 2019. Ajeet also helped to organize and/or speak at more than 30+ events over the past year. This year, Ajeet was recognized by his fellow Captains to receive the Tip of the Captains Hat Award for his tireless dedication to sharing his expertise with the broader tech community. Keep up with Ajeet by following him on twitter, github, or his blog.

Dave henderson

Dave Henderson, Ottawa, Canada

Dave has organized Docker Ottawa meetups since 2016 and is a frequent speaker to his local community. “My involvement in the Docker community over these past few years has been a particular highlight for me. It’s rewarding to see how enthusiastic the members of the Ottawa community are to be connecting and developing their skills, especially when those new to Docker begin to understand and master key concepts. Thank you to the Ottawa Docker community, my fellow community leaders, and especially Docker for a great 2019; I’m excited to see what 2020 will bring!”


Dominique Top, London

Dominique Top, or Dom to those that know her, has been the Docker London Community Leader for nearly 2 years. She knows how to keep meetups fun and is full of innovative ideas to support her local tech community. Last year she helped to create Meetup Mates to ensure that those who wanted to attend a meetup didn’t have to do it alone.

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Gloria Gonzalez Palma, Mexico City

Gloria organized a record 12 meetups in 2019, including the Docker Birthday, Fall #LearnDocker workshop, and a Docker Posada, a traditional Mexican party held in December, complete with a pinata. “Being a community leader means to me, part of my life, I have grown with the community and the community has grown with me. It is a relation win, win, I love it.”


Imre Nagi, Jakarta, Indonesia

Imre started sharing Docker with others as a student at Carnegie Mellon University and then formed the only Docker meetup in Indonesia once he returned home. “I decided to come back home after my master grad in the US simply because I want to be part of an exciting journey in the Indonesia tech scene. Being in the Docker community gives me the opportunity to do that and to reach more people and cities in Indonesia and to do something greater and greater every day for the community :)” Imre organized two #LearnDocker workshops this fall to be able to support a wider swath of his country’s demand for the content.

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Taygan Pillay, Cape Town, South Africa

Taygan organizes the Docker community in Cape Town, South Africa, sharing containers across the tech scene there. “Being a Docker CL has been a rewarding experience by being part of the container movement, at the same time helping build the community. Meeting people from diverse industries striving for a common goal of streamlined deployments and development life cycles allows insights very few other opportunities provide.”

Connect with the Docker community by attending a local meetup, joining the virtual Docker meetup group, and chatting with other users on the Docker Community Slack Channel.


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