Case Study Leverages Docker Extensions to Grow SaaS Business

Industry: Software Development, SaaS
Company size: 20 employees
Location: California, USA
Product: Environments as a Service platform


  • Satisfied developers: Developers using Release as a Docker Extension extension have better experiences, reporting a six-fold productivity increase with Release and Docker Since announcing their Docker integration in October 2023, Release has experienced a surge in new account creations, with hundreds of new accounts registered monthly.
  • 30%+ conversion rate: Over 30% of Docker Desktop users who installed the Release Share extension converted to Release accounts, showcasing the extension’s value and driving substantial business growth for
  • Satisfied developers: Developers using Release as a Docker Extension extension have better experiences, reporting a six-fold productivity increase with Release and Docker

Introduction partnership with Docker increases customer sign-ups and developer satisfaction

As infrastructure continues to expand, software development is under pressure to accomplish more, faster. This need has been growing even before the advent of application virtualization and containers, which have since become essential tools for reducing the overhead and technical debt prevalent among enterprises., a cutting-edge innovator, provides environments-as-a-service solutions. They have embraced Docker technology to deliver their advanced software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

Release’s company mission is clear: help developers release their ideas to the world faster. The company aims to streamline the complexities associated with cloud-native development and enable teams to focus on what they do best—build outstanding software. Release achieves this by offering ephemeral environments that significantly reduce the friction in deploying, testing, and managing applications across diverse cloud infrastructures.

Recently, Release turned to Docker to deliver their SaaS solution directly to Docker Desktop users.


Engaging with container developers to grow a SaaS business

Release saw the critical need for tools that facilitate seamless collaboration and sharing of Dockerized applications. So, the team at Release aimed to solve this problem among these developers who would value the same levels of automation and ease.

Before Release, sharing Dockerized applications running in cloud environments could have been more convenient. The process required complex setups or configurations that could stymie the pace of development and collaboration. The absence of a straightforward mechanism for sharing added layers of complexity, slowing down the feedback loop and impacting the overall efficiency of the development cycle.

The team at Release knew that if they solved this problem for the Docker user community, they would solve a pressing need for developers and, in turn, experience their own success.


Integrations via Docker Extensions for personalized developer experiences

Enter Release Share, a Docker Desktop extension built by Release to simplify sharing Docker containers. Release Share is an elegant and practical solution, embodying the principles of speed, flexibility, and ease of use that are built into the Docker design.

The Release team understands how Docker Extensions expand Docker’s capabilities and establish new functionalities, seamlessly integrating third-party tools. Custom integrations are made simple, whether you’re using solutions already on Docker Hub or building new ones. Extensions let developers choose their ideal development environment, and offer the best choice for developers and software providers who want to customize and add functionality.

As an active participant in the Docker ecosystem, Release is helping extend Docker’s capabilities by using Docker Extensions, making it easier for enterprise users to share their containers publicly with a single click. Release Share also allows developers to change the link to the containers to whatever makes the most sense. Additionally, they can list running containers that have exposed ports to other team members. Sharing these containers is as easy as sending the link that allows others to see the application in their browser.

With integration into Docker, Release could empower developers to express their creativity and experiment, free from the usual worries about time, money, and the fear of breaking things. They could also share their work with others through an easily accessible URL.

Key benefits

Sign-up surge and community leadership

Release integration via Docker Extensions provided vital benefits for both developers, consequently driving Release’s business. Release quickly saw the key benefits.

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Release’s sign-ups surged

Release saw a substantial increase in new account signups, with hundreds of new accounts created each month since the announcement at DockerCon in October of 2023.

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Increased community relevance

By becoming a trusted solution developer in the Docker community, Release increased its value to its target users. This enhanced their ability to develop, deploy, and test their environments.

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Improved mindshare through community leadership

By providing value to the community, Release grew. Because Release was integrated into everyday Docker workflows, developers instantly saw the solution's value as part of their core activities.

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Efficient extension of Docker's functionality

By leveraging Release's expertise in Docker, the team integrated their tool into Docker Desktop as an Extension. This approach eliminated the need to create a new application from scratch, allowing Release to concentrate on developing valuable features and functionality for users.



The integration of Release Share into the Docker ecosystem underscores the impact of participation in Docker integration on user acquisition and platform engagement, showcasing the significant benefits of Docker extensions. This integration benefitted both Release and the community of developers they empower.

Accelerated development and deployment cycles

Customer organizations have reported a noticeable acceleration in their development and deployment cycles, with Release users seeing a six-fold increase in productivity or reducing time for deployment from days to hours. The efficiency gain is attributed to eliminating bottlenecks associated with shared resources and the reduced time spent on environment setup. This capability enables developers to iterate and deploy at unprecedented speeds.

Release’s Docker Extension simplifies container sharing and task automation

Just as Docker has provided autonomy to developers, allowing them to manage their environments without external dependencies, it has led to a marked improvement in job satisfaction. Release helps automate tasks and fosters collaboration among teams by allowing them to easily share containers.

Docker drives more revenue for Release

Reflecting on the strategy’s success, Release CMO Matt Carter highlighted, “30%+ of Docker Desktop users who installed the Release Share extension converted to a Release Account to get additional value from the extension.” Creating a journey like this allowed Release to turn their Docker Desktop extension into an efficient top-of-funnel channel to accelerate their business.

"Partnering with Docker has been a game-changer for Docker's containerization technology is pivotal in allowing us to offer on-demand, ephemeral environments that simplify the development lifecycle for our users. This embodies our mission to streamline cloud-native development processes, enabling our customers to focus on innovation while we handle the intricacies of environment management. Docker's consistent, reliable, and scalable solution plays a critical role in our ability to empower developers, enhance productivity, and drive forward the future of cloud computing."

Matt Carter

“With Docker's versatility and efficiency, has simplified Docker container sharing. Our enhanced extension, Release Share, incorporates the user-friendly and agile features developers appreciate about Docker, making it a vital tool for improving collaboration and streamlining the development process.”

Matt Carter

"By integrating with Docker Extensions, we've expanded Docker's capabilities and facilitated a more personalized and efficient development environment. This effort underscores our commitment to the Docker community, providing a solution that directly addresses the need for easier sharing and collaboration among developers."

Matt Carter

"Our collaboration with Docker has been a game-changer for Release, significantly boosting our sign-ups and engagement. Docker's community-oriented approach has allowed us to reach and provide value to a broader audience, directly contributing to our rapid growth and increased relevance within the developer ecosystem."

Matt Carter

"The inconsistency across environments has been a persistent thorn in the side of developers. By ensuring uniformity from development to production, we've essentially eradicated the 'it works on my machine' issue."

Matt Carter

"Time to market is critical in today’s fast-paced world. With ephemeral environments built with Docker, we've seen companies shorten their development cycles by weeks, sometimes months, enabling them to stay ahead in competitive markets."

Matt Carter

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