Run Swarm and Kubernetes Interchangeably

Your choice of Swarm or Kubernetes for flexible and powerful orchestration options

Container Orchestration Choice in the Same Cluster

Running both Swarm and a vanilla and conformant distribution of Kubernetes interchangeably in the same cluster means IT can build an environment that allows developers to choose how they want to deploy applications at runtime.

Teams can deploy applications to Swarm today and migrate these same applications to Kubernetes using the same Docker Compose file. Applications deployed by either orchestrator can be managed through the same control plane, allowing you to scale more efficiently.

Secure Supply Chain for Swarm and Kubernetes

With Docker Enterprise, you get a policy-driven secure supply chain that is designed to give you governance and oversight over the entire container lifecycle. You can set policies to automate the process of moving an application through test, QA, staging, and production and you can enforce rules around which applications are allowed to be deployed.

These are automated processes that enforce governance without adding any manual bottlenecks to the delivery process, so you deliver safer applications without getting slowed down.

Orchestrator Choice from Desktop to Production

Docker Desktop allows you to develop multi-container applications locally with either Swarm or Kubernetes and run them in production in Docker Enterprise.

Docker allows you to maintain the consistent developer to operator workflow with the added value of the Docker platform including security, management, a familiar developer workflow and tooling, broad ecosystem compatibility and an adherence to industry standards.



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