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Desktop Community

Desktop Enterprise

Simplest Path to Container-based Development
Latest Docker Engine based on containerd
Certified Kubernetes
Available for Windows 10 and macOS
Develop in any language or framework, even multiple version simultaneously
Production-Ready App Development
Same interface and commands shared by developers and production
Application Designer interface to simplify creating & developing Docker applications
Choose Docker Engine and Kubernetes versions to match Docker Enterprise
IT Manageability
Maintain and distribute across teams with standard MSI/PKG packages
Selectable configuration restrictions
Customizable application templates
Technical Support SLA  

Quickly and Easily Containerize Your Applications

Docker Desktop is an easy-to-install application for your Mac or Windows environment that enables you to start coding and containerizing in minutes. Docker Desktop includes everything you need to build, test and ship containerized applications right from your machine.

Benefits include:

  • 1-click installation and setup of a complete Docker development environment for Mac or Windows
  • Integrated tools including the Docker command line, Docker Compose and kubectl command line
  • Ability to start/stop with a single click

More Choice in your Development Environment

Docker Desktop works with your choice of development tools and languages and gives you access to a vast library of certified and community containerized content in Docker Hub. Whether you're developing Windows or Linux apps; legacy apps or new cloud native applications, with Docker Desktop you're in control.

  • Volume mounting for code and data, including file change notifications that unlock fast edit-test cycles
  • Ability to toggle between Linux and Windows Server environments to build applications
  • Built in enterprise network support allows Docker Desktop to work with choice of VPNs and proxies

Orchestration Choice from Desktop to Production

Docker Desktop allows you to develop applications locally with either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes and run them in production in Docker Enterprise. Docker allows you to maintain the consistent developer to operator workflow with the added value of Docker Desktop that includes everything you need to start building containerized applications.

  • Choice of Docker Swarm or certified, unforked Kubernetes distribution
  • One-click setup of Kubernetes, providing the easiest way to get up and running on Docker with Kubernetes
  • Certified Kubernetes distribution that is proven to be conformant and recertified every year

Get started with Docker Desktop today

Docker Desktop for Mac

A complete and easy-to-install desktop application for building, debugging and testing containerized apps on Mac

Docker Desktop for Windows

A complete and easy-to-install desktop application for building, debugging and testing containerized apps on Windows

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