Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 is the only enterprise-ready container platform that enables IT leaders to choose how to cost-effectively build and manage their entire application portfolio at their own pace, without fear of architecture and infrastructure lock-in. Docker’s container platform enables organizations to accelerate digital and multi-cloud initiatives by automating the delivery of legacy and modern applications using an agile operating model with integrated security. Because Docker EE includes services, support and training, organizations have a complete containerization strategy for supporting an ever-changing business environment.



    Get the flexibility to evolve your application portfolio in the way that makes sense for your organization. Start big or start small - Docker works to extend the life of your legacy applications with a platform that is also for new development.



    Standardize and automate the way you build, manage, and secure applications across departments. Because Docker puts developers and IT operations on the same platform, they can work smarter and faster together.



    Get an integrated security framework for delivering safer applications and improving policy automation that maintains performance and doesn’t get in your way.

The Only Kubernetes Solution for Multi-Linux, Multi-OS and Multi-Cloud Deployments
Docker Enterprise Edition allows you to run Swarm and Kubernetes interchangeably and provides a secure and simple way to operationalize Kubernetes.

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Freedom of Choice

No lock-in:multiple Linux distributions and Windows, on-premises or multi-cloud

Docker Enterprise Edition is designed to give enterprises ultimate freedom to implement their multi-cloud strategy with no lock-in. With Docker you’re free to innovate across any infrastructure, partner with any Linux vendor, and work with any application type or development language you choose.

  • Allow distributed development teams get secure access to a container platform that supports their choice of application architectures, their choice of language, and their choice of orchestration.
  • Innovate at your own pace by getting more out of your existing legacy apps and working on new cloud-native applications on the same platform
"With Docker Enterprise Edition, we are deprecating 15 years worth of toolsets and building a consistent operation model across multiple clouds" Learn more...

Agile Operations

Docker EE enables you to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency by standardizing the way to build, manage, and secure applications across diverse infrastructures including multiple clouds. Our platform unifies processes across any architecture, while aligning with your existing IT operations so you can get applications to market faster, reduce total costs and ease the adoption of new technology as business needs evolve over time.

  • Unify diverse application workflows into a common governance and operating model so that you can scale more efficiently and respond quickly to changing business needs.
  • Integrate with your corporate LDAP/AD and define role-based policies for a globally distributed organization
  • Manage cost and complexity by bringing different applications into one control plane for managing images, containers, networks and storage
  • Secure and automate the software supply chain to accelerate application delivery across any infrastructure
"What we've accomplished this year (with the Docker platform) is a lot in a really tight timeframe. Time-to-market is remarkably better now. What used to take hours or days is now done in minutes." Learn more...

Integrated Security

Docker EE incorporates additional security at every step of the application delivery lifecycle without getting in your way or adding extra cost. Applications receive greater protection while maintaining performance, improving governance while enabling a seamless workflow for centrally-managed content and policy-driven automation.

"Docker Enterprise Edition has helped us achieve a much better security position- better isolation between different Teams and control over what team is using which images." Learn more...


    With built-in encryption and secure clustering on by default, Docker EE makes it simple to leverage multiple layers of security to protect your apps



    Secure across the supply chain. Protect all app components from the source and as they travel across the network to different collaborators and environments with guarantees against tampering.



    Define user access policies and enforce secure practices to prevent vulnerable apps from being deployed into production.

Support and Services

Ensure the success of your container strategy with support, training and professional services that come from helping hundreds of enterprise customers build and implement Docker EE. Docker’s strategic enterprise services and support are based on a proven methodology to give you everything needed to manage your strategic application portfolio across the entire lifecycle.

  • SLA-backed support to address your time-sensitive issues
  • Docker Solution Architecture engagements designed to address your needs at every step of the Docker journey
  • Training and professional certification programs to accelerate and validate the knowledge in your teams
  • Library of reference architectures, solution guides, and knowledge base articles to assist at every stage