🧪 Open Sourcing the Docker Hub CLI Tool

Jan 28 2021

At Docker, we are committed to making developer’s lives easier, and maintaining and extending our commitment to the Open Source community and open standards for many of our projects. We believe building new capabilities into the Docker Platform in partnership with our developer community and in full transparency leads to much better software.

Last December, we announced the release of a new experimental Docker Hub CLI tool, also known as hub-tool. This new CLI lets you explore, inspect and manage your content on Docker Hub as well as work with your teams and manage your account. We demonstrated it during the last Docker Community All Hands in December 2020.

This tool is already available with Docker Desktop, so if you are a Windows or Mac user you can try it now. For Linux users, we are pleased to announce that we open sourced the hub-tool code, and it can be found at https://github.com/docker/hub-tool. You can download the binary directly on the release page.

With the open sourcing of hub-tool we have also cut a new v0.3.0 release which includes the following new features:

  • Added an optional argument to the account info command to check the status of an organization
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  • Added a --platform flag to the tag inspect command to inspect a specific platform if the image is a multi-arch image
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Give us feedback!

This tool is still experimental, but it needs feedback from you to improve. Please let us know on the hub-tool issue tracker.


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