#mydockerbday Recap + Community Stories

Emma Cresta, 13

Although March has come and gone, you can still take part in the awesome activities put together by the community to celebrate Docker’s 7th birthday. 

Birthday Challenge

Denise Rey and Captains Łukasz Lach, Marcos Nils, Elton Stoneman, Nicholas Dille, and Brandon Mitchell put together an amazing birthday challenge for the community to complete and it is still available. If you haven’t checked out the hands-on learning content yet, go to the birthday page and earn your seven badges (and don’t forget to share them on twitter).

Live Show

Captain Bret Fisher hosted a 3-hour live Birthday Show with the Docker team and Captains. You can check out the whole thing on Docker’s Youtube Channel, or skip ahead using the timestamps below:

Docker 7th bday 1

02:00 Pre-show pics and games

07:43 Kickoff with Captains

29:00 Docker Roadmap

1:15:47 Docker Desktop: What’s New

1:53:45 Docker Hub with GitHub Actions

2:20:15 Using Docker with Kubernetes

2:55:00 #myDockerBday Stories

Community Stories

And while many Community Leaders had to cancel in-person meetups due to the evolving COVID 19 situation, they and their communities still showed up and shared their #mydockerbday stories. There were too many amazing stories to include in one blog post, so I’ve shared just a few of my favorites here: 


Joining a microservice-based architecture team was already going to be a steep learning curve. That would have been the case if it wasn’t for Docker. Learning and using Docker was a very pleasant experience and has improved my day-to-day developer experience because it makes everything easy, especially on projects that span multiple services. I am truly grateful for this product.

Gerade Geldenhuys, Engineer

I first stumbled upon Docker at a conference and I have been a big fan ever since. The concept of a container and the ease of using it was great. I would actively attend meetups on Docker and also hosted a Docker meetup along with co-workers. I have also made a few OSS contributions to Docker and had fun learning Golang in the process. Docker fascinates me today as much as it did 7 years ago. #myDockerBday

Deepak Bhaskaran, Engineer

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Well, I’m from Porto Alegre, but today I live in Ireland. I learned everything Docker from the Porto Alegre community led by Cristiano and I also made great friends there. Today I work a lot using Docker (I’m a Freelancer) and I also help other women and black people to enter the infrastructure and development area using Docker. And last but not least, on Docker’s birthday last year I met a wonderful person who today is my husband (my husband is an excellent person, but loves to break production). Thank you for bringing me great friends and the love of my life.

Natalia Raythz, Developer

I use Docker everyday, since 2014, from Docker v0.9. I containerized all of my applications, speeding up my CI / CD with Docker.

Jintao Zhang, Engineer


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