DockerCon Live 2021: A Look Back at What’s New

Nearly 80,000 participants registered for DockerCon Live 2021! There were fantastic keynotes, compelling sessions, thousands of interactions and everything in-between that a developer and development teams need to help solve their day-to-day application development challenges.

In all that excitement, you might have missed the new innovations that Docker announced to make it easier for developers to build, share and run your applications from code to cloud. These enhancements are a result of Docker’s continued investment and commitment to make sure developers have the best experience possible while making app development more efficient and secure.

Application security is directly tied to the software supply chain. Developers are realizing the importance of integrating security as early as possible in the development process. They  must now consider the security directives of their organization and associated compliance rules while also enabling their teams to work in the most secure, efficient way possible.

These new product enhancements bolster security in a number of dimensions including scanning for vulnerabilities during different development stages and increasing team security by offering tools such as audit logs and scoped access tokens.  

Take a look at what we announced:

2021 looking back

Verified Publisher Program
Docker launched the Docker Verified Publisher program to provide access to Docker differentiated and trusted content that developers can leverage as reliable building blocks for their applications. The Docker Verified Publisher offerings include popular developer components such as Bitnami and Spring software from VMWare, RedHat Universal Base Images (UBI), Canonical Ubuntu and more.

Docker Dev Environments
Docker Development Environments form the foundation of Docker’s new collaborative team development experience. It empowers teams to work better together to create novel, new value for customers by spending less time setting up and debugging environments, bringing the ease of use and reproducibility of containers to an interactive development environment. Developers can now easily share more than just their code, taking the dependencies and wider application context and sharing this with a teammate as simply as doing a docker push. Docker Development Environments will be available this summer. 

Docker Compose v2
Docker continues investing in Docker Compose, a developer favorite tool for running multiple container applications. Version 2 incorporates the docker compose command into the Docker CLI. Compose now supports GPU configuration for Windows and Linux as well as Compose Service Profiles. Compose Service profiles can help your team to run different sets of services associated with a profile when you’re debugging vs testing vs developing, while managing all of that configuration in one docker-compose.yml. Docker Compose v2 is currently available in Docker Desktop and will be included in the Docker Linux packages later in the year by default.

Scoped Access Tokens
With access to software supply chains becoming a higher security concern, Docker is updating Personal Access Tokens (PATs), to support fine-grained permissioning.  The new Docker token permissions, which are scheduled to release later this summer, include the options to define access that is read only, or read and write or read public repos only. This security feature provides developers and their managers with tighter control over which teams, and which automated application delivery pipelines have access to their code.Learn more in our press release.

Advanced Image Management
Docker’s Advanced Image Management Dashboard available on Docker Hub for Docker Pro and Team users provides developers with a new level of access and fine grained control for all of the content stored in Docker Hub. Developers can now remove old content and explore older versions of pushed images. 

Vulnerability Scanning 
Docker also launched vulnerability scanning options as part of Docker Hub and Docker Desktop in conjunction with our partner Snyk to include security testing options along multiple points of the developer inner loop. Docker is also bringing ‘docker scan’ to the Docker CLI on LINUX with the same seamless CLI experience that developers are familiar with. Read more about the Snyk partnership.

Audit Logs
Audit logs provide owners of Docker Team accounts a report of all their team member activities.  Team leaders can view and track any changes that are made, that date that a change was made and who initiated the change.  

Docker Desktop on Apple Silicon
Docker recently announced support for Docker Desktop on the Apple M1 continuing to support developers in our community with their choice of local development environments. Learn more  

Compose Service Profiles
Compose Service profiles help development teams to run different sets of services associated with a profile when debugging, testing or developing while managing all of that configuration in one docker-compose.yml. 

Docker Desktop Updates
Updates to Docker Desktop include integration of Compose, Compose Service profiles and BuildX.  BuildX is Docker’s next-gen build command and enables developers to do multi-architecture builds, share those builds with dev teams and the community on DockerHub, speed up build processes with remote caches and so much more. 

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