DockerCon LIVE 2020: Captains on Deck!

This is a guest post from Docker Captain Bret Fisher, a long-time DevOps sysadmin and speaker who teaches container skills with his popular Docker Mastery courses Docker Mastery, Kubernetes Mastery, Docker for Node.js, and Swarm Mastery, weekly YouTube Live shows. Bret also consults with companies adopting Docker. Join Bret and other Docker Captains at DockerCon LIVE 2020 on May 28th, where they’ll be live all day hanging out, answering questions, and having fun. 

When Docker announced in December that it was continuing its DockerCon tradition, albeit virtually, I was super excited and disappointed at the same time. It may sound cliché but truly, my favorite part of attending conferences is seeing old friends and fellow Captains, meeting new people, making new friends, and seeing my students in real life. 

Can a virtual event live up to its in-person version? My friend Phil Estes was honest about his experience on Twitter and I agree… it’s not the same. Online events shouldn’t be one-way information dissemination. As attendees, we should be able to *do* something, not just watch.

Well, challenge accepted. We’ve been working hard for months to pull together a great event for you – and this was before #quarantinelife and knowing ALL events would go virtual this year. Honestly, the more we get into the planning for DockerCon LIVE, the more excited I get. The reach of a virtual event is much broader, and for many, this will be the first DockerCon they will attend.

DockerCon LIVE’s format is a 1-day online event with 3+ simultaneous streams for you to choose from, and it’s not all session talks. Best of all, it’s free for everyone. As of the time I’m writing this, there are more than 36,000 people signed up! 

As part of the jam-packed line-up, I’ll be hosting Captains On Deck, one of the three co-streaming Channels, where we’ll rotate Docker Captains — 2 per hour — and we’ll hang out, talk tech, and answer your questions in real-time. At past DockerCons, Captains frequently hosted very popular Hallway Tracks, and we took what we loved about those events – meeting members of the community, talking shop, answering questions, and having a lot of laughs. Captains on Deck was designed to virtualize that experience and make it last all day.

My friend and fellow Captain, Nirmal Mehta agrees. He said, “One thing I’m super looking forward to since it’s a virtual event, is connecting folks that would not have had a chance to speak or interact with the captains if it was a physical conference.”

One thing I can assure you… we’ll have fun! When you’re in the Captains On Deck channel, you’ll see us unscripted, and I’m hoping we’ll get to do some hacking, create some things, troubleshoot stuff, and learn a whole lot with you! It’ll be a similar format to my DevOps and Docker Talk YouTube Live show on Thursdays, except you’ll be driving the show from chat! Every hour we’ll rotate our guests on the stream and take your questions and requests. 

Captains on deck 1

No IRL conference provides the kind of access to speakers and Captains like we’re able to do with DockerCon LIVE. Come join me and the Captains for a fun day of learning together. Hop around between the Captains’ channel and the other channels streaming simultaneously:

theCUBE, where you’ll experience live interviews with industry expert speakers

Sessions, where you can attend recorded sessions and chat live with the speakers.

Register for DockerCon and add the Captains on Deck to your calendar. See you on the 28th!


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