Desktop Support for iTerm2 – A Feature Request from the Docker Public Roadmap

The latest Docker Desktop release, 3.2, includes support for iTerm2 which is a terminal emulator that is highly popular with macOS fans. From the Containers/Apps Dashboard, for a running container, you can click `CLI` to open a terminal and run commands on the container. With this latest release of Docker Desktop, if you have installed iTerm2 on your Mac, the CLI option opens an iTerm2 terminal. Otherwise, it opens the Terminal app on Mac or a Command Prompt on Windows. 

Of note, this feature request to support additional terminals started from the Docker public roadmap. Daniel Rodriguez, one of our community members, submitted the request to the public roadmap. 180 people upvoted that request and we added it and prioritized it on our public roadmap. 

The public roadmap is our source of truth for community feedback on prioritizing product updates and feature enhancements. Not everything submitted to the public roadmap will end up as a delivered feature, but the support for M1 chipsets, image vulnerability scanning and audit logging – all delivered within the last year – all started as issues submitted via the roadmap.  

This is the easiest way for you to let us know about your pain points and what we can do to make Docker work better for your use cases. If you haven’t seen the public roadmap yet, check out the issues already submitted by others.  

If any of the submitted issues resonate with you, provide your comments, and/or add your Hfngcdvwab6ty8gcm2uhsrzhnjc3lmbfjxw0ozl9 z6rawavyjylql4gw sqeezq arlouoqmw0dzxeo5m takvwb3bhhgr422zdn8ujf5xlzzkpbski2a2p bn9n9rqyeafogh0 vote.  If you do not see an issue that you want to be addressed, go ahead and submit your own. We regularly review the new entries and the roadmap updates. If you have never done this before, please review the contributing guidelines. We have created these guidelines to make sure that we understand your needs and your use cases.

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Check out the public roadmap, take a look at what’s already on there and please give us your feedback!


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