Celebrating Our Second Fiscal Year

Yesterday, January 31, we finished our second full fiscal year since our November 2019 restructuring and recapitalization, and I couldn’t be prouder of the Docker team and what we’ve accomplished together. While it’s difficult to summarize 12 months, highlights include:

  • Shipping 7,000+ product features, fixes, and updates to developers, including Docker Desktop for M1 Macs, Docker Compose v2, NVIDIA GPU support, single sign-on, BuildKit speed-ups, Docker Development Environments, multi-platform builds, image access management, rapid updates for Log4Shell, audit logs, and much more;
  • Growing our Docker community of developers to more than 15 million monthly active users from 200+ countries, including over 80,000 participants in DockerCon 2021;
  • Welcoming new partners who provide trusted content for our developers – more than 1,200 open source and commercial publishers across Docker Official Images, Docker Verified Publisher images, and Docker-sponsored open source projects;
  • Accelerating our annual recurring revenue (ARR) to over $50 million, representing more than 4X year-over-year growth. This helps us make Docker a lasting, sustainable business able to scale to meet the needs of tens of millions of developers.

Support from Docker customers is driving rapid growth in our business which, in turn, is enabling us to accelerate investment in our product. As a result, you’ve seen us pull forward the delivery of popular public roadmap items including Docker Desktop for Linux, filesystem performance improvements, pause / resume, and more.

None of this would have been possible without the tremendous efforts of the Docker team, past and present. From a place of much risk and uncertainty in November 2019, we have come together as a team to focus on developers, ship products they love to use, and build a company and culture to bring out everyone’s best. To wit, over the last year we’ve seen employee engagement increase by 16% and retention increase by 23%.

Finally, we thank the Docker community of developers, Docker Captains, partners, and customers – your support this past fiscal year was critical to our success. We’re far from finished, and we’ve got a lot cookin’ in 2022! We look forward to seeing you and sharing more at Docker’s 9th Birthday Party in March and DockerCon 2022 in May!

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