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What is Docker

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Docker provides a suite of development tools, services, trusted content, and automations, used individually or together, to accelerate the delivery of secure applications.

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How Docker works

Accelerate how you build, share, and run applications

Docker helps developers build, share, and run applications anywhere — without tedious environment configuration or management.


Spin up new environments quickly

Develop your own unique applications with Docker images and create multiple containers using Docker Compose.

Integrate with your existing tools

Docker works with all development tools such as VS Code, CircleCI, and GitHub.

Containerize applications for consistency

Run in any environment consistently from on-premises Kubernetes to AWS ECS, Azure ACI, Google GKE, and more.

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Build with verified, trusted content

Visit Docker Hub to browse Docker Trusted Content from our verified publishers or Docker Official Images.

Collaborate with your team

Pull and publish images from Hub for easy sharing between team members, organizations, or the broader community.

Secure your workspaces

Ensure best practices with image access management, registry access management, and private repositories.

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Consistent application delivery

Ship your applications knowing they’ll run the same way on any environment, locally or in the cloud.

Develop with versatility

Deploy applications in isolated containers with multi-language support, reducing conflict between application dependencies.

Deploy with one command

Work inside the Docker Compose CLI to expedite development and launch your applications with a single command.

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Container development

New to containers?

We got you covered! Get started with the basics with our guide to containers, including what they are, their advantage over virtual machines, and more.

Read the container guide

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Meet the community

Stop by any of the hundreds of meetups around the world to connect in-person, or join our Slack and Discourse for virtual peer support. Our Docker Captains are also a great source of developer insight and expertise.

Connect with us

Join our open source program

Our Docker-Sponsored Open Source program is ideal for developers working on non-commercial projects.

Apply today

Develop from code to cloud with partners that you trust

Our partnerships ensure that your development pipeline network will work in your preferred environment — whether local or in the cloud.

Our trusted partners

Docker code cloud aws 4Simplify the development of your multi-container applications from Docker CLI to Amazon EKS and Serverless.

Docker code cloud azure 4Seamlessly bring container applications from your local machine and run them in Azure Container Instances.
Docker code cloud jfrog 4Easily distribute and share Docker images with the JFrog Artifactory image repository and integrate all of your development tools.

Integrate with your favorite tools and images

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How to get started

Your path to accelerated application development starts here.

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Download Docker

Learn how to install Docker for Mac, Windows, or Linux and explore our developer tools.

Get started

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Containerize your first app

Develop a solid understanding of the Docker basics with our step-by-step developer guide.

Learn Docker

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Publish your image on Docker Hub

Share your application with the world (or other developers on your team).

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Find your perfect balance of collaboration, security, and support with a Docker subscription.