What’s New in Docker Enterprise 3.0

Move faster, with the flexibility your business requires, and without compromising security.

Docker Enterprise 3.0

The industry-leading container platform for accelerating the development and delivery of modern applications, enabling developer choice, a simple and fast process across dev and ops, and a secure desktop-to-cloud pipeline to any Kubernetes environment.


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Introducing Docker Desktop Enterprise - Learn about the key features of this new product.


Watch the Docker Captains and Docker team demonstrate new features from Docker 19.03 and Docker Enterprise 3.0.

Docker Desktop Enterprise

A new tool that extends the Docker platform to developers’ desktops, accelerating time-to-market for new containerized applications.

Key Capabilities:

  • Accelerate container development with an integrated desktop application for the testing and building of Docker applications on Mac and Windows
  • Single-click access to a certified Kubernetes server for testing application deployments
  • Stay in lock-step with production systems by matching the local Docker and Kubernetes versions with version packs
  • Onboard new developers quickly with a GUI-based application designer that includes a customizable library of templates for rapid, production-ready development of containerized applications
  • Deploy and manage at scale as standard MSI (Win) and PKG (Mac) formats

Docker App

Defines any type of multi-service application - on-premises or cloud-native, Windows or Linux - as a standard, portable package for sharing and running anywhere.

Key Capabilities:

  • Package distributed, multi-service applications into a single immutable file or directory based on Cloud-Native Application Bundle (CNAB) - an open packaging standard
  • Simplify build tracking, branching and versioning for multi-service applications, independently iterating on code without breaking the application
  • Improve collaboration between development and operations teams by sharing Docker Applications on Docker Hub or Docker Trusted Registry, providing a clear system-of-record for complex applications
  • Simplify the deployment of multi-service applications to any infrastructure with defined and adjustable application parameters

Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS)

The only offering that integrates Kubernetes from the developer desktop to production servers, with ‘sensible secure defaults’ out-of-the-box, making Kubernetes easy to use and more secure for the entire organization.

Key Capabilities:

  • Integrated and certified Kubernetes 1.14 comes with a “batteries included” CNI plugin with Calico
  • Advanced access controls integrate with corporate LDAP/AD systems and SAML 2.0 authentication
  • Secure clustering provides TLS-encrypted communications out-of-the-box
  • Simple guided workflows and intuitive design make getting started and operating Kubernetes at scale easy

Lifecycle Automation Tools

Accelerates and expands the deployment of containers and Kubernetes on customers’ choice of infrastructure using a simple set of CLI commands.

Key Capabilities:

  • An automated tool using a declarative model so you can “source control” your cluster configurations
  • Install and upgrade Docker Enterprise environments easily with automated workflows that are designed specifically for the target infrastructure
  • Easily replicate, backup and restore clusters with the same desired configurations, making it easy to set up test and staging environments that match production

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What’s New in Docker Enterprise 3.0

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