Docker Datacenter Enables DevOps

Today 44% of enterprises are looking to adopt a DevOps initiative within their organization. This cultural shift is geared towards tearing down the traditional barrier that has existed between Developer teams and IT operations teams. Our goal is to help enable DevOps within the enterprise via the Docker platform. Docker’s enterprise tool, Docker Datacenter, delivers a Containers as a Service (CaaS) environment that deploys on-premises and is chock full of enterprise-grade security feature like role-based access controls, image signing and image scanning giving IT operations teams ability to secure and manage their environment. The Docker CaaS platform enables developers to build applications in a self service manner and select from image content that the IT operations team has deemed okay for developer use. Developers can then use these images to create new applications, quickly and securely.


DevOps Stories and Discussions

  • We’ve been able to create a local development environment, we can then ship into development, QA and then to production. We can be sure that exactly the same stack is running in prod that is running on someone’s laptop.

    Chris Buckley, Director of DevOps Business Insider