Modern apps,
beautifully contained.

Build, share, and run modern apps on a single platform.

Modern apps are complex, the Docker Platform makes them beautiful.

The most beautiful thing to happen to apps since containers.

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Digital transformation is necessary for business to compete, learn about the core challenges facing IT and how the need for modernizing old and building new applications is at the center of transformation.

Definitive Guide to Enterprise Container Platforms

Learn what an enterprise container platform is and why it’s a critical part of any effort to drive change and innovation for your business.

Modern App Customer Innovation eBook

Learn how customers unlocked innovation to accelerate digital transformation for modern apps using Docker's container platform.

Modern Apps are Essential for Digital Transformation

But it’s complicated.

Modern apps are at the core of innovation, but they are as complex as the organizations that build, share, and run them. In an era where all companies are becoming software companies modern apps empower developers and operators to innovate quickly.

What is a modern app?

Modern apps encompass new apps and existing apps that require new capabilities; they are distributed and require microservice-based architectures for agile delivery and testing, greater resiliency and access to cloud-based services.

If that weren’t enough, they also require a diverse set of tools, languages, and frameworks for developers, and cloud and Kubernetes environments for operators. Good thing Docker knows how to make complicated things simple.

The Docker Platform standardizes the way you build, share, and run software

It’s a beautiful thing.

The Docker Platform replaces application development and infrastructure complexity with progressive innovation. You can build, share, and run all your modern applications with the broad portfolio of people, systems, partnerships that you have in place today. The Docker Platform is the only independent container platform that gives you the flexibility to use the tools, languages, frameworks, clouds and Kubernetes environments of your choice.

Modern Apps, Accelerating Business Innovation

Carnival Corp

Carnival is able to create a unique vacation experience on its ships by consolidating access to over 300 services into a single, wearable medallion. That’s 11.5M happy guests.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual moved 30% of its apps to the cloud while deploying over 6,000 business services. With the Docker Platform, they built a “multi-lane highway” that enables both traditional applications and new microservices to modernize at different speeds according to their needs.


The Docker Platform makes Nationwide’s digital transformation initiatives and a cloud and container - first, strategy possible. With plans to move 800+ apps to the cloud, Nationwide achieved 100x faster delivery of its modern apps, and save $2 million per year in application TCO.

“With the Docker Platform, our developers are more productive and can get new capabilities to our guests faster. It also reduces the overall infrastructure footprint on each ship.”

Todd Heard

Vice President of Technology, Carnival Corporation

"At Liberty Mutual, Docker is a key part of our journey to the cloud and our application modernization."

Mark Cressey

Senior VP and GM of Hosting Services, Liberty Mutual

“Moving from our legacy, monolithic applications to modernized services allows us to meet our members in new ways we never thought were possible.”

Eric Zielinski

Director of Cloud Solutions, Nationwide

Real-World Modern App Success Stories

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