Accelerate shipping code while unlocking developer innovation

Replace Large Monolithic Applications with Microservices

Docker containers are a key enabling technology for microservices, providing a lightweight encapsulation of each component so that it is easier to maintain and update independently. With Docker Enterprise, you can independently deploy and scale each microservice, coordinate their deployment through Swarm or Kubernetes orchestration and collaborate across teams through a consistent way of defining applications.

Simplify Delivery and Management of Microservices

Standardize and automate the way you build, manage, and secure applications across departments.

Developer Choice

  • Developers can bring the tools and languages they feel are best for each service
  • Standardized packaging simplifies testing and development

Flexible Operations

  • Leverage either Swarm or Kubernetes orchestration, depending on the application
  • Deploy services where you choose - in the cloud or on premises

Secure Software Supply Chain

  • Gain greater security and speed with policy-based automation and control
  • Guarantee a chain of trust from the developers' machines to production with digital signatures and vulnerability scanning

Citizens Bank Transforms Application Delivery with Microservices

Citizens Bank runs on Docker Enterprise to build their platform of the future and maintain their competitiveness with new microservices applications. Transactions have grown from 100K to millions per day and they can now provision in seconds, rather than days or weeks.

Docker Enterprise scales app delivery

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