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Replace Large Monolithic Applications with Microservices

A microservices architecture is a collection of independently deployable services—each with its own specific function.

Programming Languages

These services may be written in different programming languages and technology stacks and can be deployed and adjusted without adversely impacting other components of the application.

Productivity and Speed

In comparison to monolithic applications that are built as a single unit with all its services bound together, creating dependencies and making tasks like scaling and trouble-shooting tedious and time-consuming, microservices leverage independently functional components for improved productivity and speed.

To Microservices from Monolithic Architecture

Many Fortune 500 companies such as Liberty Mutual Insurance, Citizens Bank and Visa have transitioned business-critical applications to microservices from monolithic architecture, making it possible to deploy new applications or updates in hours instead of weeks or months.

Containers Make Microservices Possible

Microservices are modular. Each individual service runs on its own, separate from the others within the architecture. Containerization provides individual microservices with their own isolated workload environments, making them independently deployable and scalable. Microservices written in any language can be reliably and quickly deployed in containers on any operating system to any infrastructure, including public or private clouds.

Simplify Delivery and Management of Microservices

Docker Enterprise Provides a Common Platform for Containers and Microservices

Docker Enterprise lets you standardize and automate the way you build, share and run microservices-based applications across the organization. With Docker Enterprise, you get:

Developer Choice

  • Developers can bring the tools and languages they feel are best for each service
  • Standardized packaging simplifies testing and development

High-Velocity Innovation

  • Rapidly code, test and collaborate while ensuring consistency between development and production deployments
  • Remove friction from the application lifecycle process

Intrinsic Security

  • Validate application trust and build secure pipelines from developers’ machines through production
  • Reduce risk by standardizing and automating configuration and eliminating error-prone manual setup

I think our biggest win with Docker Enterprise is our ability to take an idea from start to finish within a week. We recognized an opportunity and we capitalized on it and we delivered.

Sharon Frazier

VP of Innovation, Citizens Bank

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