Docker for Financial Services

Digitally transform banking and financial services for consumers and institutions

Drive Innovation While Preserving Application Investment

Docker Enterprise helps financial institutions develop and support a broad range of applications with stringent security and compliance requirements. Deliver new applications to engage customers and associates, that unify decades worth of systems of record.

Docker Enterprise Capabilities for Financial Services

Freedom of Choice

  • Supports the widest variety of applications: old or new, public cloud or private, Windows or Linux and even mainframes
  • Unleash developers to innovate with a container platform that supports any application, language, and tech stack

Integrated Security

  • Run Linux- and Windows-based mission-critical applications on the only container runtime with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption modules
  • Deliver new layers of security and digital trust to your software pipeline

One Application Platform

  • Modernize traditional application and build new modern applications, all on the same container platform

Société Générale Gains Faster Time to Market at Lower Costs

Société Générale has a diverse application portfolio that includes many different types of applications, including legacy monolithic apps, SOA, distributed apps and REST APIs. The company also wanted the ability to support future projects such as extending thousands of existing applications and yet to be developed microservices to multiple public clouds.

Société Générale selected Docker Enterprise to support both their existing apps as well as new apps while enabling them to integrate their preferred systems and leverage their existing infrastructure.

Docker Enterprise Provides Modernization for All Applications

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