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Industry-tested solutions to ensure your success with containers, Swarm, and Kubernetes at scale.

Designed to quickly deliver success at scale

Solutions are based on proven methodologies gained from helping many enterprise customers successfully implement and integrate containers and Kubernetes into their organization. By partnering with Docker, the company that drove the container revolution, organizations will get the fastest return-on-investment and tangible outcomes with a holistic approach that includes an organization’s specific requirements around governance, pipeline, platform and applications.

A Prescriptive End-to-End Journey

Docker is uniquely qualified to streamline and ensure your success with modernizing legacy or developing new applications. Our prescriptive end-to-end delivery model is based on working with hundreds of enterprise customers and occurs in four stages.

Proven Professional Services Methodology

Docker’s comprehensive and industry-proven professional services methodology is designed to integrate containers into your software development process and prepare you to operate containers at scale.

The methodology covers critical workstreams for accelerating application delivery in your organization:

  • Governance: Ensure that your organization is equipped to deliver and support a global “service” for the creation and on-boarding of containerized applications
  • Platform: Deploy and operationalize the Docker Enterprise container platform on your choice of infrastructure
  • Pipeline: Set up an automated software delivery pipeline for any type of application
  • Applications: Discover, assess and prioritize the types of applications to containerize, enable developers to build container-based applications and adopt a container-based operating model

Industry-Leading Container Platform

Docker Enterprise is the only end-to-end platform for building, sharing and running container-based applications, from the developer’s desktop to the cloud and managing the entire application lifecycle at every stage. Docker delivers the fastest time to production for any application—from brownfield to greenfield—with the ability to securely run them anywhere—from hybrid cloud to the edge.

  • Only Docker Enterprise offers a single, unified and integrated platform from the developers’ desktops through production for any application.
  • Docker Enterprise is the only container platform that doesn’t lock you into an operating system or infrastructure.
  • Docker Enterprise delivers security in any environment—on-prem, hybrid and cloud—without getting in the way of your ability to bring applications to market quickly.

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