Edge Computing

Extend containers safely to the farthest reaches of your network

Computing at the Source of Data

Edge computing is computing that’s done at or near the source of the data — oftentimes collecting data from hundreds or even thousands of IoT devices. Because the edge processes data close to the source, it needs to be secure. With Docker containers, you can securely distribute software to the edge and run containerized applications on a lightweight framework that can be easily patched and upgraded.

Docker Enterprise Provides Secure Application Operations to Manage Your Edge

Lightweight Application Platform

  • Application portability ensures frictionless container deployments from the core to cloud to edge devices
  • Lightweight architecture with granular isolation capabilities reduces the attack surface area for containers and devices at the edge

Secure Software Distribution

  • Accelerate container distribution to the edge and improve availability with container registry mirroring and caching architecture
  • Secure the application development lifecycle to guarantee a chain of trust from the core to the edge with digital signatures, security scanning and signature verification at the edge

GE Digital Delivers a Seamless Application Experience from Cloud to Edge

For GE Digital customers of Predix Asset Performance Management (APM), the application experience is available in the cloud as well locally at the edge. Now delivered as a Docker Enterprise packaged Windows server container application, customers get the same application experience whether the analytics are run in the GE Predix cloud or locally on the field agent device.

GE Digital uses Docker Enterprise to Accelerate IoT Solutions

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