Data Science

Accelerate data analysis into actionable insights and outcomes

Unlocking the Power of Data

From biotech research to self-driving cars to energy exploration, the use of data science and technology like Hadoop, R, and TensorFlow offer the promise of accelerating science discovery and decision making. Docker Enteprise helps data scientists build, share, and reproduce their research, deploying complex isolated environments in seconds.

Docker Enterprise Empowers Data Scientists to Rapidly Iterate on Models

Technology Choice

  • Infrastructure independent platform allows data scientists to run the the analytics applications on the infrastructure best optimized for the applications
  • Empower data scientists to build models with the tools and packages best suited for the research without worry of application and environment conflicts

Research Reproducibility

  • Ensure repeatability of analysis and research with immutable containers and eliminating issues with different environments

Secure Collaboration

  • Integrated security in the platform and lifecycle allows for collaboration without risk of tampering and data integrity.

GlaxoSmithKline Accelerates Drug Discovery by Six Months

Docker Enterprise enables GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to improve research and drug delivery models by compressing provisioning time for data analytics environments, enabling scientists to gain insights into large sets of research and patient data.

Because Docker Enterprise secures and isolates research environments, each researcher has an isolated and secure sandbox.

GSK is Accelerating Science with Docker Enterprise

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