Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA)

Reduce OPEX by 50%, Enhance Security and Fuel Cloud Migration

Accelerate Modernization by Containerizing Legacy Applications

The majority of containerized applications are legacy apps that are easily transformed into portable, more secure applications. Learn how Docker can help you containerize your applications without touching code.

Only Docker’s Combination of Platform and Services Can Accelerate Your Modernization Efforts

Docker’s field-tested methodology that include tools and training provide a complete solution.

Modernize and Migrate with Your Existing Teams and Tools

  • Containerize older java and .NET applications without recoding
  • Package applications in a highly portable form-factor that allows them to readily migrate to the cloud
  • Upgrade your Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 workloads to modern infrastructure and have them managed uniformly with your Linux workloads
  • Integrate your existing tools easily with Docker Enterprise's automated application delivery model
  • Increase the productivity of your existing operations teams with automation that aligns with your current IT processes

Automated Governance and Streamlined Path to Compliance

  • Increase security via an additional layer of isolation
  • Create an automated secure software supply chain that includes: has all applications under one governance model that includes scanning for vulnerabilities and authentication
  • Foster a highly utilized multi-tenant environment for your legacy apps by establishing secure application zones
  • Deliver your traditional applications onto a streamlined path to compliance via policy-driven automation Docker Enterprise

Organizations can Self Fund Innovation by Reducing the Cost of Existing Applications

Docker Enterprise creates the standard packaging and operational model for all your existing applications (Linux and Windows) and enables them to be managed in one secure software supply chain.

Embarking on a Docker-backed containerization strategy ensures your success because our container platform is the only platform that can significantly reduce the number of OSes and VMs your applications run on. Docker Enterprise customers routinely experience a 50% OPEX and CAPEX savings.

Reduce Costs and Self-Fund Innovation with Docker Enterprise

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