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Get Started with the Microcks Docker Extension for API Mocking and Testing

Learn how running Microcks as a Docker extension enables developers to swiftly create, test, and iterate on APIs without leaving the Docker environment.

Let’s DockerCon!

DockerCon 2023 will be hybrid — both live (in Los Angeles, California) and virtual. Our desire is to once again experience the live magic of the hallway track, the serendipitous developer-to-developer sharing of tips and tricks, and the celebration of our community’s accomplishments … all while looking forward together toward a really exciting future. And for members of our community who can’t attend in person, we hope you’ll join us virtually!

Changes to How Docker Handles Personal Authentication Tokens 

Docker is improving the visibility of Docker Desktop and Hub users’ personal access tokens. Specifically, we are changing how tokens are handled across sessions between the two tools. Learn more about this security improvement.

Docker’s Journey Toward Enabling Lightning-Fast Developer Innovation: Unveiling Performance Milestones

Learn about Docker’s focus on performance and walk through the milestones of the past 12 months, including 85x improvement in upload speed, 71% reduction in build time, and a 5,800% increase in streaming speed.

How IKEA Retail Standardizes Docker Images for Efficient Machine Learning Model Deployment

Learn the vital role Docker plays in MLOps (machine learning operations) at IKEA Retail. We explore how Docker and Seldon-Core work together to turn a convoluted task into a streamlined, agile operation, and how you can harness real-time metrics for profound insights.

How to Get Started with the Weaviate Vector Database on Docker

With Weaviate, you can build advanced LLM applications, next-level search systems, recommendation systems, and more. Discover features of the Weaviate vector database and learn how to install Weaviate on Docker using Docker Compose.

DockerCon Workshops: What to expect

DockerCon 2023 will be held October 4-5 in Los Angeles. The program is now online so you can plan your experience by day, time, and theme, including AI and Machine Learning, Web Application / Web Development, Building and Deploying Applications, Secure Software Delivery, and Open Source. This year we’re offering talks, workshops, and panel discussions, plus the usual vibrant DIY hallway track. Here’s a preview of what to expect in our workshops. Register now!

Docker Desktop 4.23: Updates to Docker Init, New Configuration Integrity Check, Quick Search Improvements, Performance Enhancements, and More

Docker Desktop 4.23 is now available and includes numerous enhancements, including ASP.NET support in Docker Init, Configuration Integrity Check to alert on any configuration changes that require attention, and cross-domain identity management. This release also improves Quick Search, allowing for searching across containers, apps, Docker Hub, Docs, and any volume, and performing quick actions (start/stop/delete). VirtioFS is now set to default to provide performance gains for Mac users. With the Docker Desktop 4.23 release, Mac users will also see increased network performance using traditional network connections. 

Docker Hub Registry IPv6 Support Now Generally Available

Docker announces the general availability of IPv6 support for the Docker Hub Registry, Docker Docs, and Docker Scout endpoints.