What's new in Docker Enterprise 3.0

Docker Enterprise 3.0 is the next generation Docker Platform, designed to drive high-velocity innovation across your entire application portfolio.

Join us for this webinar to learn about what's new in the upcoming Docker Enterprise 3.0, including:

  • How developers can rapidly build multi-service container-based applications right from their desktop, and package them in a standardized format that can be shared seamlessly and run anywhere
  • Powerful new capabilities that simplify Kubernetes while increasing security and accessibility
  • New tools that automate lifecycle management for day 1 and day 2 operations
  • Enhancements to end-to-end security and more

Product Manager, Docker

David Yu

David Yu is a product manager at Docker, who focuses on Lifecycle Management, Orchestration, and Storage for Docker Enterprise. He has been with Docker for 3 years, and enjoys working with Docker and GoLang side projects in his spare time!

Senior Solutions Engineer, Docker

Joe Colandro

Joe Colandro is currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at Docker.
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