Jireh Semiconductor’s Journey to Modernizing 15+ Year Old Apps

When Jeanie Schwenk, Scrum Master and Software Engineer, started her adventure at Jireh Semiconductor in 2016, she had one primary charter – modernize the existing 230+ applications that were over 15 years old and still running on discontinued servers.

Join us for a webinar to learn about Jireh Semiconductor’s IT transformation journey. You’ll hear best practices from Jeanie, as well as:

  • How Jeanie transitioned the development team from waterfall to agile scrum
  • Tips and tricks for getting legacy monoliths to containers
  • Challenges Jeanie’s team encountered and how they overcame them

Scrum Master & Software Engineer

Jeanie Schwenk

Jeanie is a scrum master, agile project manager, and software engineer at Jireh Semiconductor in Oregon. Software done wrong is what drove her to find better ways to manage and develop software projects and grow its teams. With over 20 years’ experience in the software industry, her passion is helping teams become truly functional so they can create the right thing and build it correctly with an eye to the future. Jeanie is currently bringing agile and scrum to the IT/Automation group at Jireh and is modernizing the complex systems and applications that control the semiconductor manufacturing process.
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